Before diving into the ACV + Prebiotics review, we need to discuss the product’s two separate components: apple cider vinegar (ACV) and prebiotics. Even though the two complement one another, we need to discuss the crucial role each plays in our digestive and gut health.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

ACV is fermented apples with yeast and vinegar. Many consumers treat it like regular vinegar and use it as dressing for their salad or other cuisines. What especially makes it beneficial is its high acetic acid content.

As you can probably guess, acetic acid is quite acidic. This helps introduce more acid into your digestive juices. This helps prevent acid reflux, which occurs due to indigestion stemming from low stomach acidity.

Conversely, and despite being acidic, ACV actually has an alkaline effect on your body. It restores your body’s balance by making it slightly more alkaline on the pH scale. Poor lifestyle factors like excessive alcohol intake or consuming poor-quality meats can make the body unhealthily more acidic.

Aside from the acetic acid, the fermentation process also creates friendly microflora. This is similar to the probiotics you get from yogurt. Unfiltered ACV contains what is commonly referred as the “mother.” This is a strain of beneficial bacteria, which studies show helps relieve symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorder.

What Are Prebiotics?

People tend to confuse prebiotics with probiotics, thinking they’re one and the same. After all, in name, the two only differ by a single vowel. Prebiotics, though, refer to any form of fiber that probiotics feed off of to induce growth. Foods like bananas, onions, leeks, and chicory roots are high sources of prebiotics.

Studies show that ample probiotic and prebiotic intake may reduce risk of a number of metabolic disorders. It may also reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

What We Like About ACV + Prebiotics

The supplement’s name explains it all. UMZU’s latest product is a fusion of apple cider vinegar and prebiotics. Our ACV + Prebiotics review has yielded some interesting findings. Upon comparing it with other similar products in a saturated market, we believe the supplement is the real deal.

For one, every ingredient in ACV + Prebiotics is all-natural with no fillers. This is a recurring theme with UMZU products, and that’s definitely a plus in our eyes. At Kinobody, we don’t like synthetic ingredients and preservatives, and you shouldn’t either because you don’t need unnatural stuff circulating in your body.

What’s Inside an ACV + Prebiotics Capsule?

With each serving of ACV + Prebiotics, you get exactly the following and nothing more:

  • Organic ACV – this is pure unfiltered ACV with beneficial acetic acid and the mother.
  • Prebiotics – this comes in the form of inulin via organic chicory root extract. Studies confirm inulin as a helpful prebiotic for inducing healthy gut microflora.
  • Chromium – studies show this mineral may aid in weight loss and curb appetite. This makes it useful for managing extended periods of intermittent fasting.

The ACV + Prebiotics Advantage

With these three primary ingredients and the studies behind them, we are confident that ACV + Prebiotics may help users:

  • Improve digestive health by reducing acid reflux, gas, and bloating
  • Restore stomach pH balance
  • Boost immune health (as a result of better stomach pH)
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Offset risk of diabetes
  • Manage their fasting periods without feeling like they’re starving themselves

ACV + Prebiotics Vs. Similar Supplements

In our ACV + Prebiotics review, we compare the product against similar supplements we evaluated in the past. After an extensive analysis, we are confident that it beats the competition.

Similar products we have reviewed almost always have fillers or inactive ingredients. Furthermore, the active ingredients aren’t organic. This means the probiotics and prebiotics are likely from GMO sources. GMO products are far more likely to contain traces of pesticides and other toxins.

A lot of the other supplements also don’t disclose the exact source of their ingredients. We just mentioned a while ago that ACV + Prebiotics contains prebiotics via inulin from organic chicory root. In other supplements, the label just lists prebiotics and leaves it at that. What type of prebiotic is it? What food source does it come from, and is it a non-GMO source? The same goes for ACV. Are the apples organic? Is the ACV from a filtered or unfiltered source?

No Yucky Taste

Another ACV + Prebiotics advantage is that you get the full benefits of ACV without having to ingest any of the stuff in liquid form. ACV, as beneficial as it is, doesn’t exactly taste like chocolate cake, or even a crisp apple for that matter. Some liquid ACV users report an unpleasant lingering aftertaste that persists for several minutes. Furthermore, others have reported ACV giving them bad breath.

Side Effects?

We have no reason to believe why ACV + Prebiotics would have side effects since the ingredients are all-natural. With liquid ACV, some users have experienced a burning sensation in their throat. Others have also experienced an unsettling sensation in their stomach. Those that apply ACV topically have also reported a mild burning sensation on their skin. However, since ACV + Prebiotics comes in capsule form, users should not experience any burning or other unpleasantries.

Final Thoughts on Our ACV + Prebiotics Review

Our ACV + Prebiotics review yields a conclusion we don’t come to very often when evaluating supplements. We firmly believe ACV + Prebiotics is a legitimate product that will improve your digestive health. Sure, you can get the same results by consuming regular ACV and eating prebiotic-rich foods. However, ACV + Prebiotics offers all the essentials via easy-to-swallow tablets.

This is a product we can confidently recommend to our users. Go to UMZU’s site and order ACV + Prebiotics today. In addition, there is a 60-day money back guarantee, which means there is no risk to the consumer.