getting ripped with bodyweight training

Metabolic Conditioning Workout

This workout is going to blast your metabolism into overdrive. Prepare to burn fat like mad. The workout consists of 3 circuits with 3 exercises per circuit. Each circuit is going to work your whole body – get the lactic acid flowing – cause massive oxygen debt – and force your body to release tons…

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Greg’s Workout – Shoulders, Arms & Intervals

Tuesday February 15,  2010 Shoulders, Arms and Intervals Shoulders: One Arm Standing Dumbbell Press: 30lbs x 5 reps, 40lbs x 5 reps, 50lbs x 5 reps, 60lbs x 3 reps, 65lbs x 3 reps, 70lbs x 3 reps Lateral Raises (slight bend in arms): 3 sets x 6 reps with 40lbs Dumbbell High Pull: 3…

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How to drop fat without tracking calories or macros

Best Workout Routine

        One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is, “what is the best workout routine?” This question is impossible to answer. There are a million different variables that come to play and could influence what the best workout routine for you is. Some of the questions that come to…

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Best Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are about as mainstream now as candy bars. Five or Ten years ago the only people that took protein supplements were bodybuilders. Well today you see protein shakes and bars everywhere you go. It seems like just about everyone is using protein supplements. This is no surprise as protein supplements have so many…

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A Simple Muscle Building Diet to Build Pure Muscle

I need to be honest with you guys… The nutrition and fitness industry really makes eating enough calories to build muscle more complicated than it has to be. In reality, all you need is a simple muscle building diet for maximum gains. The fitness industry says that you have to eat these exact nutrient ratio’s…

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The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

  Lets face it….. These days it seems as though you have to choose between different forms of cardio. Most of the time people will only do one type of cardio training and that’s it! They will either do high intensity interval training, sustained cardio, circuits or no cardio at all. This is outrageous because…

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How to Do A Flawless One Arm Pushup for 10 Reps

The One Arm Pushup is an advanced bodyweight exercise that requires a ton of strength in the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles. In addition, a great deal of core strength and stability is required to perform the one arm pushup with really good form. Why Should You Care About Doing A One Arm Pushup? The…

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Customizing Your Workout Routine – Part 1

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE Most guys stick to what there good at and thus they never improve! Slim guys stick to cardio and huskier guys stick to weights. People who have really big and strong legs keep training them because that’s what there good at. In order to improve you have to jump out…

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