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Build Rock Hard Shoulders with Handstand Push Ups

Chris Hemsworth emphasized shoulder training over chest training when preparing for the movie Thor. Well built, muscular shoulders are a true sign of strength, power and masculinity. When building a fit, capable and stunning physique shoulder strength and development is absolutely critical. Unfortunately in this day and age, shoulder development is more often than not…

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I’m Ripped, But Now What?

Editors Note: Kinobody introduces guest author Paul Cruz, who I found from his website Smile PUA. Paul is an expert at women, dating and pick up and his website cuts through all the nonsense, getting right to the core of what works in attracting beautiful women. I’m Ripped, Now What? Like many of you I have…

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An Eating Strategy For Exuberant Health And A Lean Spartan Body

  (I have used a picture of Sylvester Stallone from Rambo because I truly believe that the eating strategy I am about to share with you is how a warrior would eat) I have spent the past few years testing out many different diet/eating strategies to find out which method works the most effectively and…

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