Serena Williams Kino Workout

Shape a Stunning Lower Body With the Serena Williams Workout

Serena Williams is #MomGoals. No matter your lifestyle or how busy you are, you too can develop an incredible physique with this winner of a workout!

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5 Best Glute Exercises for a Sexy Booty

What is the sexiest defining feature of a woman, according to most guys? It’s an attractive waist-to-hip ratio with an hour-glass shape. Yes, you need to slim your waist down, but you also want to add glute exercises to your workout for building the muscles around the booty. Many women, unfortunately, fail to adequately develop…

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The Missing Key To Building An Amazing Body For Women

I truly believe there is no better goal than taking control of your health and fitness and striving to improve your physical shape and appearance. When you don’t have the body you want, pretty much every other area of your life takes a negative hit. Like a toxic friend that always tries to put you…

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Hip Thrust For A Tight Butt

Hips thrusts are one of the newest additions to the standard booty-building regimen thanks to Bret Contreras getting creative in the gym circa 2006. Ever since, women everywhere have been looking for help simplifying the process (and getting into that somewhat awkward position). While hip thrusts are undeniable glute blasters, the added benefit is strengthening…

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Butt Workout For Women

4 Effective Exercises You Need To Have In Your Butt Workout Routine

Go ahead. Ask your best friend or mom what body part she’d most like to whip into shape and you’ll probably find building a better butt near the top. Ask any guy what female body part he finds most attractive and a nice booty is almost always a priority. Does that mean girls should be…

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How Women Can Build the Body of a Goddess

  How Women Can Build an Incredible Body In this episode, we flesh out what it takes to build an incredible – fit, toned, sexy and feminine body. You’ll learn why most fitness advice doesn’t work and how you can finally achieve the body you want! We’ll be sharing a lot of the concepts and…

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Why Cardio Sucks for Women

  Go to any gym, and most women are glued to the cardio machines. More often than not, it’s in effort to slim down and drop any and all excess body fat. Unfortunately, cardio as a tool for fat loss isn’t that effective. Hell, it’s not that effective for men, but for women, it’s even worse! You…

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