In this article, I wanted to share my thoughts and review UMZU’s Floracil50 Probiotic – in hopes to help anyone considering this product make the right choice.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with Kinobody, I’m not a fan of most supplements currently on the market.

Everywhere you look, you see companies trying to use “proprietary blends” to cut costs on ingredients, using a bunch of fillers/harmful ingredients, and not even using research to back their claims.

And here’s the deal: you do not need supplements at all.

Tracking your progress in the gym, keeping an eye on calories/macros (while following a methodical approach to both of those) and making sure you’re recovering properly is the foundation of building an incredible body.

It’s truly as simple as that. Most people overlook those key components.

That said, a select few supplements can actually help you get results faster.

Reason is, most people only focus on macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) when dieting and getting into shape. But there are other enormously important functions and processes in your body that are equally as important to address… And gut health is one of them.

If your gut health isn’t up to par, then dieting and restrictive deficits and adding stressors to your body (like strength training) can actually have negative impacts.

That’s why when I came across the probiotic supplement Floracil50, I couldn’t help but look more into it.

I wanted to find out, does Floracil50 work (and is it worth getting)? Along with diving into the ingredients, where to get it, and even if there are any side effects you should worry about.

I’m excited to discuss this Floracil50 probiotic review with you because the gut is an important part of your overall health.


“I have always had a very sensitive stomach that would go into fits with the the slightest problem. Floracil has worked wonders and greatly improved my situation. The bloated feeling after eating (anything) is nearly just a memory at this point. I sleep better, I fall asleep faster and I have significantly more energy through the day. Definitely purchasing again.” -Jared


“I noticed right off the bat, less bloating after eating n fatigue. I felt more focused about 2 weeks into it n strangely i didn’t have my usual horrific seasonal allergy experience this time. I only tried it for 1 month..then I ran out…good stuff.” -Santiago


“I don’t know how to describe it, but taking this product just helped me to feel overall better. A big thing I noticed was motivation to do whatever task at hand. My whole body just feels comfortable, less bloating even after eating something I shouldn’t. I get terrible sleep which makes me feel groggy all day and this product doesn’t necessarily help with sleep but it does make up for that groggy feeling during the day once I take it. I read another reviewer who used the word “stamina” and I think that’s the best word for it.” -Doug


“This probiotic is the best. I have advanced Ulcerative Colitis making it difficult to get all of my nutrients via numerous food allergies and sensitivities make it nearly impossible. On top of struggling to get all of my nutrients, my gut flora is a mess. In the words of my physician, “your insides look like that of 70 year old”…I am 24. I have noticed a remarkable difference after taking this supplement for only a matter of weeks. No more bloat, gas, and discomfort after eating and throughout the day. The pure, simple, and well researched ingredients are ones that I can trust. Thank you for giving “life” back to my gut!” -Katherine


“I feel much stamina and strength from Floracil50. Awesome Probiotic. I only take one a day. Keeps my gut heathy and other things, too! Good results!!!” -David


It looks like we’re off to a great start! Seeing folks actually feeling the results they’re after is awesome. Isn’t it crazy how much your gut health affects different aspects of your body? At first I thought it only was tied to digestion…

But if you have poor gut health, you can suffer from a number of different things such as high stress, low energy, and even depression.

Now, let’s take this Floracil50 Probiotic Review a bit further and figure out where it comes from…


UMZU was created to help men and women all over the world join together and follow the path to natural hormonal health by providing research-backed, natural solutions to heal your body from the inside out. Instead of turning to pharma drugs that do more harm than good and don’t fix the underlying health issue.

One of the founders, Christopher Walker is a neuroscience researcher and graduate from Duke University (neuroscience major).

When Chris was younger, he was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland. With his pituitary gland not functioning properly, his natural testosterone levels were around 11ng/dL. This is basically non-existent.

He was pushed to try different synthetic hormone solutions, but he knew he didn’t want to be on some kind of drug for the rest of his life – and there had to be an all natural solution without side effects for regaining his health. So he began submerging himself in all the research available on naturally increasing testosterone levels.

(From being a student at Duke, he had access to all the medical studies and clinical trials in their extensive library – a pretty “unfair advantage”, lol.)

After 18 months of hard work and enormous amounts of trial and error and self experimentation, he ultimately cured himself of his hormonal imbalances. He didn’t just fix his testosterone problem – he raised his T levels way beyond the normal range.

By doing so, Chris found that hormonal health is just one piece of the puzzle to optimal health and wellbeing. Another critical component to it is gut health…

That’s most likely the reason UMZU came out with this Floracil 50 Probiotic product.

So let’s move into how Floracil50 works.


If you’re not consuming a lot of foods high in “good bacteria” such as cultured cheeses, sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha, kefir, Kimchi, on a daily basis – you’re most likely missing out on giving your body what it needs to support optimal gut health.

This is where a high-quality probiotic can help fill those gaps in your diet.

Now what I really like about the Floracil50 Probiotic is that the formula is based on 41 peer-review studies that contains 8 naturally occurring strains that are most important for gut health.

And to add, it doesn’t contain fillers or other garbage all too common in the supplement industry.

The results you can expect to see when taking this probiotic:

  • Proper Digestion
  • Thriving Energy
  • Improved Immune System
  • Reduced Stress
  • Heightened Testosterone Levels
  • Increased Sperm Count and Testicle Size

(Obviously, those last two are for the men here. Women can also take Floracil50.)

I’ve already noticed more energy and better digestion. Which is already making other parts of my life better such as work and exercising.


The Floracil50 Probiotic is formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients, so there are no side effects to taking Floracil50.

You can also take this supplement everyday and the ingredients won’t lose their effectiveness.

Even if you think you’re eating healthy and doing everything right but not seeing results – your gut health could be compromised. Meaning, your body isn’t using the nutrients properly or poor gut health is affecting you in some other way.

(I hear time and time again about people dealing with bloated stomachs, running to the bathroom after eating a meal, even trouble sleeping – these all stem from poor gut health.)

Floracil 50 helps eliminate those issues.

UMZU dosed these ingredients properly based on scientific research to provide you with the best probiotic on the market possible.


The problem is that many people simply don’t know what to look for when it comes to probiotics… A lot of companies abuse this ignorance by claiming that their product is better because it has “higher amounts” or probiotics.

What does that even mean?

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to an effective probiotic, the amount of bacteria is not that important.

What you need to look for when shopping for an effective probiotic is what kind of bacteria strains you’re getting.

They all have their specific effects in the gut, and some of them can actually cause more harm than good.

(Let’s talk about those strains in the next section…)

After comparing a few other popular probiotic supplements, it became very clear to me on what I was getting with The Floracil50 Probiotic:

Quality – Floracil50 contains clinical effective doses of the bacteria strains that support optimal gut health.

What You See Is What You Get – There are harmful fillers or unhealthy preservatives in this supplement. That not only speaks for Floracil50, but all other UMZU supplements.

And that’s awesome, I don’t want to waste money putting harmful things into my body. I’m sure you don’t either with all the hard work you put in.

The Truth – Those no hype in their content either. It’s kinda respectful in a way. They aren’t shoving their supplements in your face. Leading with education on how to naturally heal yourself from the inside out is the way to go.

Education – After I purchased Floracil50, I was immediately given lifetime access to the entire UMZU Digital Library of programs to help me reach my goal.

It was a relief to get a lot more for my money and not feel like I was just being sold another supplement with no other value.


You should be looking for these strains when searching for the ultimate probiotic:

Bifidobacterium infantis – helps relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Lactobacillus acidophilus – this strain helps convert sugars into lactic acid and helps rid toxins.

Bifidobacterium longum – known to prevent the growth of pathogenic organisms and part of natural human gut flora.

Lactobacillus casei – this strain is needed for carbohydrate digestion and helps prevent “leaky gut” syndrome.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus – helps prevent stress

Bifidobacterium breve – helps improve metabolism and reduce constipation

Lactobacillus reuteri – this strain is found in healthy humans and animals. It’s even been shown to increase testicular size and testosterone levels in rodents.

Floracil50 Probiotic Ingredients

floracil50 probiotic review

As you can see, Floracil50 pretty much wins on all levels.

I love how UMZU also shows where the ingredients are derived from and shows all the research backing their decisions on creating this probiotic.


As I was researching the company, I was please to come across their “Be Better Guarantee…”

UMZU makes it hassle-free to return or exchange any of their products, and they even give you a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. It’s pretty much a win, win. (A simple email to their support team can have all questions answered.)



  • It’s simple, just 1 capsule per a day
  • All natural, researched backed ingredients
  • It addresses the “underlying issues” with poor gut health and provides the most effective bacteria strains to fix them


It’s only available online


Take 1 capsule (one serving) of it each day.

If you’re trying to correct very harsh gut problems, you can actually take up to 4 capsules a day until your symptoms get better.


Floracil50 is only available online – which isn’t so bad. I do most of my shopping online anyway. They are pretty efficient with their shipping as well.

I really enjoyed how they sent me another email asking to make sure they got my address right so they didn’t mess up my order.

FLORACIL50 PROBIOTIC Review: Final THoughts

Based on the research, it’s been proven over and over again that your gut will benefit from supplementing with “good bacteria” to improve its health and digestion ability, as well as replace the harmful microbes with healthy ones.

I think I could argue that this is one of the best probiotics on the market.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’ve been seeing great results with Floracil50 so far and couldn’t help but write this review to help you make your own decision.

Floracil50 is your go-to probiotic with proven effective strains that support healthy lifestyle factors.

After taking a closer look at Floracil50 and UMZU as a whole – I’m more than satisfied.

All the supplements are high-quality, made with natural ingredients, contain the right dosing of those ingredients, and the science and research to back up their products.

If you want to look more into Floracil50 yourself – click here to check it out.