Alright, before we dive into this Sensolin review – let’s talk about insulin.

Sensolin review

This (usually) is a heavily-debated topic in the fitness space, so let’s just get straight to the point.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas which basically helps shuttle the carbs you eat into the cells to use for energy.

If you’re more insulin resistant, your body has trouble doing this and the carbs (glucose) remain floating around in your bloodstream.

When this happens, you can start to see symptoms of: high blood sugar, high blood insulin, hunger/cravings, abdominal fat, fatty liver disease, water retention, and of course, if this goes on for too long, you can even develop Type 2 diabetes.

So what’s our goal? Increase insulin sensitivity.

The more you can increase your insulin sensitivity, the better you’ll be able to direct carbs to supply your muscles with energy, rather than having them being stored as fat.

This is where a product called Sensolin comes in – it’s a supplement designed to help increase insulin sensitivity (which you want to do). On that note, I wanted to share my thoughts on this supplement designed by a company called UMZU.

And with this Sensolin review, I hope this helps anyone considering the product make the right choice.


“SENSOLIN GREATNESS…I have been using sensolin for the past 2 months and have seen my sugar numbers in the morning in normal levels. Before trying this product my sugar levels where in the high 180’s in the morning but since using sensolin the levels are in the normal 90’s and I truly love this product. I will continue to keep using this product along with my other diabetic medication to help my levels to be normal. thank you for this product” -Virginia


I’m constantly hungry and have low blood sugar. Sensolin makes it so I stay full longer and no blood sugar lows.” -Sean


Helps control the sugar cravings and I don’t crave the junk food. Thanks for making some thing that really works.” -David


My experience with sensolin has been very positive. I am an insulin dependent type 1 diabetic and my insolin doses have dropped since taking sensolin. The lower doses are more effective and control of my blood sugar levels has been easier to maintain.” -Dennis


Loving this supplement. As a woman, we are known for the “diva moments” resulting from blood sugar crashes. I have noticed an immediate difference in my insulin levels and I have more energy. Another awesome aspect of this…the men won’t be able to relate (though they would benefit if more women took this ;) )…I noticed a decrease in PMS symptoms. No mindless munchies, no mood swings, and I didn’t feel sluggish and tired. Who knew that all of that is due to improved blood sugar. Thank you!” -Katherine


Looks like we’re off to a great start!

It’s always a nice relief when you see the product working for other people. Product reviews are one of the first things I look for before getting something new.

Now, let’s take a look at the company, UMZU that makes the Sensolin supplement…


UMZU was created to help men and women all over the world join together and follow the path to natural hormonal health by providing research-backed, natural solutions to heal your body from the inside out.

Instead of turning to pharma drugs that do more harm than good and don’t fix the underlying health issue.

One of the founders, Christopher Walker is a neuroscience researcher and graduate from Duke University (neuroscience major).

When Chris was younger, he was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland. With his pituitary gland not functioning properly, his natural testosterone levels were around 11ng/dL. (That’s basically non-existent.)

He was pushed to try different synthetic hormone solutions, but he knew he didn’t want to be on some kind of drug for the rest of his life – and there had to be an all natural solution without side effects for regaining his health.

So he began submerging himself in all the research available on naturally increasing testosterone levels.

(From being a student at Duke, he had access to all the medical studies and clinical trials in their extensive library – a pretty “unfair advantage”, lol.)

After 18 months of hard work and enormous amounts of trial and error and self experimentation, he ultimately cured himself of his hormonal imbalances. He didn’t just fix his testosterone problem – he raised his T levels way beyond the normal range.

By doing so, Chris found that hormonal health is just one piece of the puzzle to optimal health and wellbeing.

Another critical component to it is insulin sensitivity…

What Is Sensolin and HOW DOES It WORK?

Sensolin claims to be the premier supplement, backed by decades of independent research, for supporting insulin resistance, weight loss, and battling insatiable cravings naturally.

The supplement basically uses all natural ingredients to increase insulin sensitivity. And to add, it doesn’t contain fillers or other garbage all too common in the supplement industry.

And best of all, you can also get all of the ingredients in natural foods.

(We’ll make a better decision after we dive into all the ingredients.)

That’s a thumbs up in my book. I’m not trying to take supplements that aren’t natural. It something makes it easier to get the effective dose ingredients (to increase insulin sensitivity) without having to eat large amounts of random foods – I’m all for it.

When I took Sensolin for the first time right before dinner, I actually couldn’t finish my entire meal (triple steak bowl with extra cheese from Chipotle, in case you were wondering)… So I immediately felt the hunger blunting effect the product promises.

And of course, if it’s easier to maintain your calories deficit, it’ll be even easier to drop body fat.

Taking a serving of Sensolin with each meal may help you:

  • Eliminate Crashes After Eating
  • Control Insatiable Hunger and Cravings For Sugars and Carbs
  • Increase Your Ability To Lose Stubborn Body Fat (Especially The Midsection)
  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Control Insulin Resistance

Not bad, so far this is seeming like an overall great supplement – but there’s still lots more to cover!


Sensolin is formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients, so there are no side effects to taking Sensolin. You can also take this supplement everyday and the ingredients won’t lose their effectiveness.

There are actually many ways to increase insulin sensitivity.

If you’ve been following Kinobody for some time now, you’ve been doing two of them: intermittent fasting, and weight lifting.

That’s partly why I feel Sensolin is a one of a kind product…

It’s helping you improve your insulin sensitivity even more.


First off, UMZU dosed Sensolin’s ingredients properly based on scientific research to provide you with the best supplement on the market possible specifically to battle weight gain, blood sugar, and insulin resistance.

Second, this product comes at increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing cravings, and eliminating crashes after eating from a completely different angle.

Instead of using stimulants or other harmful ingredients that tend to just “cover up the problem”, it uses natural ingredients that work with your body.

I haven’t seen any other supplements take this approach and the results speak for themselves.

After comparing Sensolin to other similar supplements on the market, here’s some other added benefits you receive:

Quality – Sensolin contains clinical effective doses of ingredients proven to reduce stress.

What You See Is What You Get – There are no harmful fillers or unhealthy preservatives in this supplement. That not only speaks for Sensolin, but all other UMZU supplements.

And that’s awesome, I don’t want to waste money putting harmful things into my body. I’m sure you don’t either with all the hard work you put in.

The Truth – Those no hype in their content either. It’s kinda respectful in a way. They aren’t shoving their supplements in your face. Leading with education on how to naturally heal yourself from the inside out is the way to go.

Education – After I purchased Sensolin, I was immediately given lifetime access to the entire UMZU Digital Library of programs to help me reach my goal.

It was a relief to get a lot more for my money and not feel like I was just being sold another supplement with no other value.


In this section of the Sensolin Supplemet Review, let’s go through the ingredients…

Sensolin is made up of 3 research-backed ingredients.

(It’s awesome UMZU has the research studies posted on their website – they definitely did their homework.)Review of sensolin's ingredients: berberine HCl, ceylon cinnamon, and chromium


1) Berberine HCL – Berberine is an alkaloid commonly derived from the barberry berries. It helps relieve many blood sugar related inflammatory problems and has even been shown to be more effective than pharmaceutical compounds.

2) Chromium Picolinate – Chromium is a trace mineral that has been shown to regulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

3) Ceylon Cinnamon Oil – Cinnamon, very common in the diabetic and insulin resistant realm, has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in a handful of human studies.

With just 3 ingredients, it gets straight to the point.

Sensolin is simple, but a solid (proven) supplement.


As I was researching the company, I was please to come across their “Be Better Guarantee…”

UMZU makes it hassle-free to return or exchange any of their products, and they even give you a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. It’s pretty much a win, win.

(A simple email to their support team can have all questions answered.)



  • It’s simple to take
  • All natural, researched backed ingredients
  • It works with your body


  • It’s only available online
  • You have to take it before every meal to help blunt hunger


Take 3 capsules with your main two meals.

Take up to 9 capsules per day for optimal performance.

The ingredients also remain effective even with continued use – no need to take a break.


Sensolin is only available online – which isn’t so bad. I do most of my shopping online anyway. They are pretty efficient with their shipping as well.

I really enjoyed how they sent me another email asking to make sure they got my address right so they didn’t mess up my order.


You want to make sure your body can utilize insulin properly on a daily basis. And of course, supplements aren’t needed – especially if you have a solid diet and training routine in place.

On top of intermittent fasting, Sensolin has helped me improve my insulin sensitivity, leading to easier fat loss and fewer cravings.

Sensolin is a very quick (and simple) and I’ve been loving the results thus far.

Again, try it for yourself…

I think you’ll like it as well – and I hope this Sensolin supplement review helps you make the right choice.

After taking a closer look at Sensolin and UMZUas a whole – I’m more than satisfied.

All the supplements are high-quality, made with natural ingredients, contain the right dosing of those ingredients, and the science and research to back up their products.

If you want to look more into Sensolin yourself – I’ll drop some more info below!


Learn more about UMZU’s Sensolin supplement by clicking through here.