Four Exercises to Look More Attractive

When it comes down to looking absolutely amazing and building a body that women are hardwired to be attracted to then it’s not enough to just build muscle. It’s equally important where that muscle goes and in what proportion.

In fact, the people that are best at this are actually the hollywood movie stars. They train much differently from bodybuilders and the result is clear. Their bodies are far more attractive and desirable.

In this article I’m going to share four of the most effective exercises to look better and ensure that as you gain muscle your sex appeal starts to increase massively. Let’s begin

The Shoulder Press 

The Shoulder Press is without a doubt the most effective exercise at building your shoulders. The stronger you get on your shoulder presses the better your shoulders will look.

Now it’s important to realize just how important your shoulder development is for an attractive masculine physique. In fact it’s probably the most important muscle group to look more attractive.

Strong shoulders are a sign of masculine and upper body strength. Interestingly enough, the shoulders possess a high amount of anabolic rectors. Meaning, men with well build shoulders are evidently showcasing they have high levels of testosterone. Since, men with higher levels of testosterone would be able to better build this muscle group.

Unfortunately, great shoulders are a thing of the past. In the early days of weight lifting, the shoulder press was the king of all exercises. The more weight you could lift overhead the stronger you were considered.

Now everyone is obsessed with how much they can bench. Shoulder presses have become an after thought with little effort or intensity and strategy.

To build your shoulder press you must treat it seriously. The result will pay dividends.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 

The dumbbell lateral raise is one of the few isolation movements that can really improve your physique quite substantially. You see, the strongest sign of physical attraction in men is your shoulder to waist ratio. This comes down to maintaining a slim waist and building your shoulders and back (more on the back later).

Shoulder presses are really effective at hitting your shoulders but to maximize your shoulder width and roundness we must isolate the medial deltoid.

This is best achieved by performing dumbbell lateral raises. In fact, I credit a lot of my shoulder development to the combination of heavy shoulder pressing and lots and lots of lateral raises.

Due to the nature of shoulder presses, you are hitting the anterior (front) shoulder the hardest. So to really allow for balanced and maximum development, it works best to incorporate lots of lateral raises into your routine.

Weighted Pull-Ups 

Make no mistake to really maximize your shoulder to waist ratio you must master weighted pull ups. Weighted Pull ups are the most effective exercise at developing your lats. It’s your lats that support a wide and broad torso. I recommend every guy should strive to build up to weighted pull ups with half of their body weight attached for 5 reps.

If you’re 180 lbs, then you’re looking at 90 lbs for 5 reps. This is a tremendous level of strength and the result will be a jaw dropping physique and an incredible v shape.

Hip Thrusts 

Believe it or not, it’s not just men that love women with great booty’s, women appreciate a great butt on a guy too! In fact, after the shoulder to waist ratio the next biggest sign of physical attraction is going to be your glute development. A great butt is a sign of a strong lower body. Women are simply not attracted to guys with strong upper bodies and stick legs.

The strong and athletic look is best! Now, of course, you don’t want to have massive tree trunk legs, but the perfect level of glute development will get you a lot of attention.

The most effective exercise to really target and build your butt is going to be the hip thrust. Funny enough, this exercise mimics the same movement pattern that happens during an intense love making session.

So it’s natural that this exercise should be a staple in anyone’s routine who wants to look downright sexy. Give it a shot, it’s a great exercise and the stronger you get on the glute thrust, the more your booty will pop.

Important Point 

It’s important to note that none of these exercises will really enhance your attractiveness or sex appeal if you’re holding excess fat. The key of course is to strip off fat to a low body fat.

This will enhance your entire look. Your muscles will become harder and more defined and even your face will become more chiseled and angular – enhancing your jaw line.

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