The 4 Principles To Magnetic Success

The Road To Ripped podcast is coming to you with an episode of epic proportions.
Fresh out of our Hollywood home studio, and in the wake of a ton of filming with our production company partners First Brick Media for the new RTRTV series (episodes coming out on YouTube soon.) we sit down today and walk you through the 4 most important things you must do to achieve true success.

Road To Ripped is a lifestyle brand. 

We eat, sleep, and love fitness, yes, but like all things, fitness and nutrition mean nothing when they’re not contemplated within the context of a full life. Psychology and strategy are of utmost importance when it comes to finally executing what you set out to achieve.

So in today’s episode, we flesh out four very important psychological principles that, once you understand them, and spend the time doing the correct mental work, you’ll have no problem going from where you are to where you want to be.

The Four Principles Are: 

  1. Be in a state of complete acceptance
  2. Learn from your past, and don’t identify with it negatively
  3. Don’t look to the future for salvation
  4. Make the present moment the primary emphasis of your life

So grab a cup of Fasting Fuel coffee, sit back, and enjoy…

We reference Greg’s article of the same name throughout the entire episode. To read this article, go here.