Aggressive Dieting for Faster Fat Loss


Aggressive Dieting for Fat Loss

In this podcast, Tom and I flesh out how to achieve faster fat loss with an aggressive diet, while avoiding the negative effects of crash dieting… If you ever wanted to know how to lose fat quickly, without counting down the days like a prison inmate, then this episode will teach you how!

The approach we break down here is based off of my Aggressive Fat Loss course (this program has spawned pretty remarkable transformations in a short period of time). I’ll be relaunching this program next week, making it WAY more detailed and effective.

Hands down it will be the most enjoyable program to drop 6-9 pounds of fat per month, consistently. If you want to jump on the waiting list, you can do so here – Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • When an aggressive diet may be a good idea
  • How aggressive dieting compares to ‘crash dieting’ or extreme dieting
  • Can an aggressive diet increase dietary adherence
  • How to maintain higher testosterone levels and a good mood on an aggressive diet
  • How much protein should you consume on an aggressive diet
  • Can you build muscle on an aggressive diet and the best workouts to perform
  • How long can you stay on an aggressive diet for
  • And much more…

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