Brad Pilon on Fat Loss


Interview with Brad Pilon

I am thrilled to have Brad Pilon on the Road to Ripped Podcast for the second time! Brad is one of my favorite fitness influencers of all time.

It was after reading his Intermittent Fasting book, Eat Stop Eat, five years ago, that I decided to utilize intermittent fasting as a tool to improve health and support a lean physique year round.

Before then, I was scared that going several hours without food would starve my muscles, boy was I wrong! Intermittent fasting has been one of the most effective and important strategies I have ever employed.

I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with Brad Pilon on a couple occasions and he’s one of the most affable guys in the fitness community! So getting Brad on a podcast makes for an incredible conversation.

In This Episode We Discuss…

  • Why we have this overweight issue – Why so many people struggle to drop fat and maintain a lean body. It may seem overly simplistic to address this question, but this is where we must start! Brad Pilon cracks down as to why so many people struggle with losing weight and achieving the body they want.
  • Why ‘restrained eating’ makes dieting so much harder. This is the problem with categorizing foods in two categories, good foods and bad foods. Brad discusses the research on restrained eating and why it makes losing fat so much harder.
  • How to break out of obsessive eating and be able to enjoy your favorite foods while losing weight!
  • The importance of gut health for staying healthy and maximizing fat loss. How antibiotics are in almost everything and how this impairs gut health. Brad then lends his insight on the three best methods to support great gut health, this will have a subtle but noticeable effect on improving fat loss.
  • Finally, Brad Pilon weighs in on the importance of enjoying life and being stress free on the implications of health!

Bonus Tip: Ever struggled to enjoy dessert without having seconds or thirds? Well I show you my simple trick that will stop you from going for multiple servings of your favorite foods. It’s crazy but it works!

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