Key Strategies to Maintain a Low Body Fat Year Round


In this podcast, we discuss how to maintain a low body fat year round.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of being really lean
  • Why Brad Pitt looked so good in Fight Club (and how you can too)
  • Why it’s so hard to maintain a low body fat and what you can do about it
  • Why you must learn to love the process to a low body fat if you want to be lean for life
  • How to make staying lean really enjoyable
  • What is your body fat set point, and can you change it to maintain single digit body fat
  • Why I can’t eat cookies anymore if I want to be lean (15:20)
  • What to do when you hit your body fat goal
  • How to make intermittent fasting effortless
  • Why you shouldn’t eat high protein if you want to maintain a low body fat
  • How your self image will determine whether you succeed or fail

I truly believe that any guy can maintain 6-9% body fat year round, while feeling great and loving life. In fact, my latest course, the Aggressive Fat Loss Program, has allowed me to stay around 7%  effortlessly.

In the past, I was killing myself to stay around 12-13%. What’s more, these days my testosterone levels are through the roof (without drugs or supplements, just a smart approach based around fitness, nutrition and lifestyle tactics).

When you learn how to make eating at a strong deficit, absolutely effortless, while supporting training, mood and hormonal levels with nutrition strategies, that’s when staying lean for life is a walk in the park.

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