How Women Can Build the Body of a Goddess


How Women Can Build an Incredible Body

In this episode, we flesh out what it takes to build an incredible – fit, toned, sexy and feminine body. You’ll learn why most fitness advice doesn’t work and how you can finally achieve the body you want!

We’ll be sharing a lot of the concepts and strategies that have gone into the recently launched Goddess Toning Program. These are the exact protocols that make this course so effective and separate it from everything else!

Oh and even if you’re a guy, you’ll find this episode wildly useful, just take a look at the topics we cover below:

  • What is the body of a goddess?(5:45)
  • What is muscle tone and how to build it? (9:45)
  • How strength training can increase muscle tone? (11:30)
  • Is cardio a useful tool to drop body fat? (15:00)
  • Why your cardio workouts can cause you to gain weight
  • Why you don’t need pre and post workout supplements (20:50)
  • The one question you need to ask yourself to drop fat (22:40)
  • Can interval workouts boost your metabolism? (26:00)
  • How strength training can help you burn more fat (28:30)
  • The best ‘cardio’ to increase fat loss (30:00) 
  • The best exercises for women to build a great body (35:00)
  • How to create amazing abs (41:00)

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