A Recap of 2014 & What’s in Store for the New Year


After 100 episodes, the Road to Ripped Podcast has hit over one million downloads. Which is crazy because the average episode is like 40-60+ minutes.

It’s also even crazier considering Christopher Walker (my original cohost) and I started by recording ‘fitness conversations’ on my iphone voice memo recorder, then uploading to itunes.

What’s interesting to note here is that people tend to create imaginary barriers of all the things they have to handle, before taking a step forward.

But here’s the thing, as old barriers go away, new barriers will always arise.

So there’s really only one option and that’s to take the freakinggg step forward, and learn as you go along. Pretty sure the podcast is living proof of this.

If you have something meaningful to build, create or share, then do it! Withholding value from the world is never the answer.

After all, endless planning and scoping without any real action, is nothing more than procrastination masquerading as progress.

A Recap of 2014 & What’s in Store 

In this podcast episode, Tom & I take a walk down 2014, outlining all of our accomplishments and the amazing success of the road to ripped and kinobody community.

We also lend insight into how to succeed at accomplishing your dreams.

Then we move forward and discuss our plans for the New Year, the new kick ass courses that are coming out, the sweet merchandise and how we will no longer be leaving women behind + plenty more.

Tune into this episode, it’s a must listen for anyone that has been following the podcast and kinobody for sometime.

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