Do Calories Matter for Getting Six Pack Abs


Do Calories Matter? 

Surely you’ve heard all sides of the story; it’s not about the calories vs. you have to be in a calorie deficit to drop fat. Well in this video I flesh out this very important topic.

The bottom line is that almost every diet works behind the same mechanisms. One way or another these diets try to trick you into eating fewer calories. Whether it’s by cutting out certain foods, restricting carbs or fats, eating small meals, eliminating snacks or eating lots of filling foods to each satiety faster.

Unfortunately, many times these various protocols stop working because you adapt to the different style of eating and are able to eat more and more calories while following the diet protocol. Alternatively, you get fed up adhering to ridiculous diet rules and give into your primal urges, throwing your diet out the window.

This is why my preferred approach is to focus on the numbers first (calories, proteins, fats and carbs) and eat plenty of filling and healthy foods. Afterwards, if I want to fit in a specific food that I really want, I can do so, as long as I am accountable over my total calories. This strategy allows you to eat any food you want, without throwing your diet out the window.

Why people say calories don’t matter?

The reason why people say calories don’t matter is because they don’t know how to properly restrict calories and they aren’t able to stick with it for any meaningful length of time. Knowing you have to eat xxxx number of calories per day is one thing, but actually following through on it is a whole other. And consequently people struggle to stick to their low calorie diet and sure enough give in and splurge.

This is why it’s of paramount importance that you find the most sustainable and enjoyable way to eat at a lower calorie intake. Ultimately this is what dieting should be about and this is the question that almost every diet guru fails to address; how can I make following a low calorie diet as rewarding as possible?

For me this includes intermittent fasting, precise macronutrient breakdowns, specific foods that are filling and satisfying, among many other techniques. This is how I reliably get my clients shredded and why my warrior shredding program is so downright effective.

Nearly ever single properly controlled study in the last 50 years has supported the weight loss effects of calorie restriction. Meaning when they actually feed the test subjects the calorie restricted diet, sure enough, weight loss takes place.

If calories didn’t matter?

If calories didn’t matter then people would likely not starve to death. If you’ve ever heard of prisoners of war or people that were living with little to no food, well they all quickly reached an emasculated state. Furthermore, actors preparing for super skinny roles usually consume very few calories to drop weight.

Oh and let’s not forget that nearly ever single properly controlled study in the last 50 years has supported the weight loss effects of calorie restriction. Meaning when they actually measure and control the food intake of their test subjects, weight loss takes place via calorie restriction.