Kinobody Intermittent Fasting Transformation by Ashley Bailey: Aggressive Fat Loss Program

Intermittent Fasting Transformation

In this episode, I sit down with Ashley Bailey, who underwent an incredible intermittent fasting transformation while following my Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

Ashley originally sent me an email, and I knew I had to get him on the podcast!

Here’s what he sent me:

“Hey Greg, what’s up.

I found Kinobody about 9 months ago and want to share with you the incredible intermittent fasting transformation I have made following both your Aggressive Fat Loss and Greek God Program – both awesome! Have taken me from about 15-16% (187lb) with no strength (3 pull ups) to about 8% BF (165lb) and able to do a one arm chin!!

I found Kinobody in September after looking into Intermittent Fasting in more detail (as I’ve never really liked eating in the mornings anyway) and started working my way through all of your podcasts, as something just resonated with me in the way you approach your lifting, nutrition and lifestyle in general.

I’ve always lifted and was in the gym since about the age of 16 when training for rugby at school here in the UK. I played rugby at university as well and continued with the gym. It’s always made sense to me to lift ‘heavy’ (5-8 reps) and not exhaust yourself by working up to the heavy weights at the end of the set etc!

But I never followed a structured program/diet and made pretty poor gains in all the years I actually ‘trained’ and came out with nothing to show for it. I’ve never been in what someone would describe as ‘good shape’. Pretty depressing for years of training.

This has been especially true the last few years and when stumbling across Kinobody I was probably 2 years out of any sort of exercise at all and pretty unhappy with the way I looked in the mirror (working life had taken its toll).

Last summer I decided enough was enough and joined a gym in London. I followed my own program for 4-5 months and honestly made very little progress! Below is what I looked like after that training:

Awful I know!

In September I started ‘bulking’ from the information I had taken from the podcasts and this steered me pretty well for some decent strength gains. Then in January I bit the bullet as it were and bought the AFL guide and it changed everything! After taking action, I went through a crazy fasting transformation!

From following the program I was able to go from around 15-16% BF to a lean and strong 8% two full weeks in advance of my goal – holiday in May. All my lifts had increased dramatically as well despite the cut!”

Pretty amazing intermittent fasting transformation story, right?

In five months, Ashley completely and absolutely transformed his physique! He cut from 16% to 8% body fat, lost 22 lbs, and developed a high level of strength and muscle density! Talk about some crazy, fasting weight loss results!

And best of all, he shares his entire journey with you, on this podcast of epic proportions. You’re going to learn, first hand, exactly what it takes to achieve an amazing fasting transformation – while letting go of the unnecessary.

If you want to join AFL and start dropping fat at a fast rate, go over here.

ALSO – comment below and let me know if you enjoy these style shows… I have a ton of people that have experienced dramatic transformations with my courses, and I’m happy to record more podcasts with these awesome individuals :)