Get Shredded on Two Workouts Per Week

Greg O'Gallagher two workouts per week plan

Since early 2023, I’ve spent most of the year training just two times per week. The rest of the time I walk and just try to be active in general. This has allowed me to gain strength and muscle at a rapid rate. Makes it easier to stay lean as well. I know this sounds…

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The Best Rep Range for Maximizing Muscle Growth

The Best Rep Range For Maximizing Muscle Growth

What is the best rep range for muscle growth? That is the million-dollar question that many people wanting to build muscle seem to debate endlessly with no satisfying resolution. Some swear by low volume training, while others believe high volume training is the ideal workout philosophy bar none. In this article, we’re going to dig…

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Pistol Squats for Strong, Lean and Functional Legs

Pistol Squat

The Pistol Squat – Better than the Back Squat The Pistol or One Legged Squat is the king of lower-body exercises! The traditional barbell back squat just doesn’t hold a thread to the pistol. The pistol is a very challenging exercise and those that can perform the exercise with ease have incredible leg strength as…

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The Problem With Pre Workout Supplements (And What We Did About It)

Pre Workout Octane

Now, if you’ve been around Kinobody for any amount of time… You’ll probably notice that we aren’t the biggest fans of workout/performance supplements. And there’s a BIG reason for that: Most supplements on the market now are complete garbage. And even more so, we don’t recommend supplements often because we believe you don’t need them…

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  Welcome to the Kinobody 2017 Transformation Challenge Words seriously cannot describe the excitement I’m feeling right now! As we roll into the new year, so many people are looking to drop fat, build muscle, and get steps closer to achieving their very own Kinobody Physique. And to help you do that, for the second…

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Building Muscle With An Injury – My Upperbody Workout

Training after an injury needs to be taken seriously. Thankfully, I’ve been able to get back into training and in this post today, I want to share my strategies on how I’m going about my workouts without prolonging the injury. My elbow is still not back to peak condition, so I’m hitting some light training…

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