This “Running Guru” Died While Jogging…

Did you know the man responsible for launching the jogging movement died while jogging? He was only 52 at the time and had a heart attack while jogging on a back road in Vermont. His name was Jim Fixx… …and he wrote a book called, The Complete Book of Running. It was published in 1977. This…

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Mind Before Body Kino Article

Why You Must Train Your Mind Before Your Body

Almost everyone wants an aesthetic physique. But how do you start? How do you keep it for life? By mastering your mind, only then can you master your body.

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How To Train Your Mind To Lose Weight

In this post, I want to talk about how to train your mind to lose weight – allowing you to finally build a downright incredible, lean and muscular physique! Achieving an incredible physique is more than just the proper workout and nutrition plan… There’s a mentality and mindset that you need to maintain throughout your transformation. Those…

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The Most Important Lesson I Had To Learn, Before Getting A Six Pack

What are the most effective six pack hacks? In the quest to building an amazing body, complete with six pack abs, we often find ourselves, heavily salivating on the thought of finally achieving our goal. Conventional wisdom, may even suggest this is a good thing. I beg to differ…You see, it is awesome to be…

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How I Went From Obese To Lean – Start 2016 With The Right Mindset

Kinobody welcomes guest author, Patrick Tucker, who lost a staggering 110 lbs following the Aggressive Fat Loss Program! * Hope you enjoy it… Introducing Patrick Tucker: 110 pounds. That’s how much weight I lost.*   It’s an extreme number, and for those who don’t know me personally, you may be taken aback by how amazing…

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Secrets to 6% Body Fat: Calories Matter, But So Does This…

Today in this post, I want to share with you a very important concept… It’s what I call the Fat Loss Paradox. On one hand, you must focus on dialing your calories in and hitting your macros to lean down. But on the other hand, you must do something completely underrated, that most people neglect:…

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How to Track Weight Loss – The Weekly Low

In this post today, I would like to share with you a cool concept to help you track weight loss and improve adherence altogether. It’s called, The Weekly Low. Fat Loss Frustration When I am working with people and even when I am answering questions and emails, I see a common trend. And this is where…

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How to Change Your Behaviors

In this post, I had the great pleasure to pick the brain of one of the smartest guys in creating positive change! UJ Ramdas is the author of The Five Minute Journal, a truly remarkable book at sky rocketing your life and success. Main Takeaways Most people mess up when starting something new. Whether that…

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