Why You Must Train Your Mind Before Your Body

Mind Before Body Kino Article

It used to be the muscle magazines. Now it’s social media.

You see guys and girls in great shape, showing off their abs and muscles on Instagram and YouTube. You want to look like them. You’re determined to do whatever it takes to achieve that great, sexy physique. Everything will be great once your abs are visible. Single-digit body fat is the goal and you’re ready to make sacrifices to get it. You make a meal plan and purchase a workout program.

But are you really, TRULY ready?

Achieving the physique of your dreams is simple and straightforward. Check out the Warrior Shredding Program to get down to single-digit body fat or the Greek God 2.0 Program to build muscle and get stronger. Just follow the program and you’ll transform your body in as little as six months.

But what about one year from now? Two years? Ten years? Are you ready to be in great shape for the rest of your life?

If you want long-lasting results, you have to train your MIND before you train your body.


Enjoy the Journey

Everyone can get motivated to start. There is no shortage of motivational quotes or videos on the internet. Those motivational pieces are watched and shared millions of times, but look around when you go out. You see only one in ten people who are in “great” shape, if not less. The problem is not a lack of motivation; it’s a lack of consistency.

We all know that one person who changes their life every Monday. You see them bringing their healthy meals to work on Monday and by Friday they’re talking about $5 happy hour margaritas.

All the commercial gyms across the country are so packed on Monday, you have to wait in line to do your bench press. By Friday, you can’t even find a person to spot you.

Unless you find a way to enjoy the process, your motivation will fade away in a matter of weeks, maybe days. When you book a room in a five-star hotel by the beach for your vacation, you can’t wait to get there. Do you want to get there in a smelly, crowded bus or on a first-class flight?

Eating small, bland, plastic-tasting foods all day, working out two hours a day, six days a week and swallowing handfuls of pills in the hopes of looking shredded is one way to approach it. The process will suck, but if you stick to it, you’ll get there one day.

Then what? How are you going to stay there? Are you ready to give up your life for a few Instagram likes?

Another approach is the Kinobody lifestyle. Eating one or two big, tasty meals a day, working out three days a week for less than an hour each day and enjoying your life with your friends and family. Enjoying the journey, going to bed happy every night and waking up energized and looking forward to your day.

This will not only get you there, but it will help you stay there for the rest of your life.

The Secret to a Lifetime of Leanness

Kinobody lifestyle is enjoyable and sustainable. But let’s be honest: You have to be in a calorie deficit consistently to achieve significant fat loss. If you have over 10-15 pounds of fat to lose, the process is going to take a while; and, no matter how sustainable, being in a constant calorie deficit takes its toll on you over time. You can stick it out for three to six months, but it will wear you out eventually.

After achieving your goals, you’re tempted to get back to your old habits and gain the weight back. Instead, set shorter, easily achievable goals for yourself and enjoy your mini victories.

For example, if you have 30 pounds to lose, set a goal to lose 10 pounds. Attack your goal with all your might, lose 10 pounds in four to six weeks and enjoy your victory. Love your new body and maintain it for a while. Once you’re ready to battle again, go for another 10 pounds.

Maybe you don’t have visible abs yet, but you’re now 20 pounds lighter, healthier and stronger. Be proud of your achievement and enjoy your new body by staying there for a while. Keep going until you reach your dream physique.

Once you achieve it, staying there will be much easier.

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Find Your Why

Ask 100 people if they want to get in great shape, all 100 of them will probably say yes. Ask them why and they might struggle to find a good reason.

When things get tough — and they most certainly will — knowing why you are doing it will get you going. So before embarking upon this challenging journey, think about why you want to achieve a great physique.

There is no shame in wanting to get in shape for vanity reasons. We’re all humans and we all enjoy the attention. But deep down, is this really what you want? Maybe you want to be healthy and live a long, productive life. Some of you need to get in shape for professional reasons. You want to be a model, actor, athlete or firefighter.

Whatever your reason, think long and hard about it, and once you find it, don’t let it go. In fact, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it every day. This will keep your why in the forefront of your mind, making it that much easier to go hit a workout when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Love (and Improve) Yourself

Many people think that their life will change significantly once they have visible abs, only to be disappointed when they get there. If you’re unhappy when you are fat, chances are you’ll be unhappy when you are fit.

Most things will change for the better when you get in great shape. You’ll be healthier and more energetic. You’ll look better and you might get more attention than before. But you’ll still be you. If you’re an uninteresting and unhappy schlub before, you’ll be uninteresting and unhappy schlub after… with abs.

An attractive body is like the facade of a house. No matter how good it looks from the outside, nobody will want to live in it if it’s ugly and stinky inside. So while you are upgrading the outside, don’t forget to work on the inside as well.

Have interests outside of fitness. Read and educate yourself. Learn to love yourself no matter how you look and get a positive attitude towards life.

You may get a first date with a hot girl when you look like a Kino warrior, but you won’t get a second date if all you talk about on the date is how much you bench. A great body is only great when the mind behind it is also on point!

When you’re ready to start your journey towards your goals, take the physique quiz to find out the best program for you.