Recovery Kino Article

Why Recovery Is More Important Than Working Out

Training and nutrition are major tenants to building the body of your dreams. But your actual dreaming — i.e., sleep and recovery — is king. Here’s why…

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Mind Before Body Kino Article

Why You Must Train Your Mind Before Your Body

Almost everyone wants an aesthetic physique. But how do you start? How do you keep it for life? By mastering your mind, only then can you master your body.

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Low Volume Training Kino Article

Why Low-Volume Training Is Ideal for Muscle Growth

There are countless training methods. And while they all mean well, most are BS. Here’s why low-volume training is ideal for your physique and lifestyle.

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Kino Morning Routine

The Ultimate Kino Warrior Morning Routine

Your morning dictates the rest of your day. What day do you want? Want one that kicks ass and takes names? Use these guidelines to supercharge your morning!

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Progressive Overload

How to Get Crazy Strong With Progressive Overload

If you lift heavier, week after week, you’ll get stronger and bigger. This is the foundation of progressive overload, your new best friend in the gym.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kino Workout

Get Fit to Fight With Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s ‘The King’s Man’ Workout

ATJ is taking the reigns in the Kingsman movie series… and with good reason. The dude is shredded and built! You can be too with this workout regimen.

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Kino Rep Training Article

How to Use Kino Rep Training to Pump Up Your Workouts

You know by now that reverse pyramid training is best for developing new muscle via low-volume training. But high-volume training has its place, too!

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Kino Warrior Intermittent Fasting

How to Use Intermittent Fasting Like a Kino Warrior

Here at Kinobody, we are big proponents of intermittent fasting (IF). It’s a wonderful tool you can use to lose body fat and enjoy food… at the same time!

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