Toxic Plastics & Muscle Growth: How Phthalates Impact Your Body Composition

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Phthalates are sneaky chemicals that mimic estrogen in your body. They lower crucial testosterone levels, which can blunt your muscle growth and ramp up fat storage – especially around your midsection.

Phthalates are found everywhere, from plastics to personal care products to pesticides.

In this article, you’ll learn simple strategies to decrease your exposure to these toxic hormone hijackers. We’ll get your testosterone back on track and your gains on point.

Phthalates Are Hidden Hormone Disruptors

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Phthalates Mimic Estrogen in Your Body

Phthalates act as xenoestrogens – essentially fake estrogens. Xenoestrogens found in plastics, shampoos, and pesticides are flooding your system.

Too much estrogen throws your hormones out of balance.

To optimize your hormones and physique, reducing exposure to these fake estrogens is crucial. Phthalates are potent hormone disruptors you need to look out for.

They Lower Testosterone Levels

In addition to mimicking estrogen, phthalates lower your testosterone levels. Low T means your muscles don’t get the crucial hormones they need to recover and grow.

Phthalates reduce the testosterone produced by your testes. They interfere with how your endocrine system functions, blunting testosterone production.

The less testosterone you have, the harder it is to build muscle mass.

Getting control of your T levels is key for making fitness progress. But with phthalates disrupting your hormonal environment, your testosterone levels suffer.

Result is Less Muscle and More Fat

With phthalates disrupting your hormone balance, your body composition suffers. You’ll have a harder time building muscle and losing stubborn belly fat. It’s important to avoid these hormone hijackers if you want a chiseled movie star physique.

Phthalates Are Everywhere

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*It’s ironic that this 1977 magazine ad is trying to sell the idea that these products will make you more manly and masculine. It’s the exact opposite!

In Plastics, Cologne, Personal Care, Even Clean Foods

Phthalates are everywhere – plastic containers, plastic wrap, shampoos, lotions, detergents. Even “clean” foods can contain phthalates from packaging and processing.

A big one is cologne, and the majority of items that have a fragrance. They help disperse and dilute the fragrance oils, allowing the scent to last longer once applied to skin. Phthalates like DEP and DMP are typical phthalates found in the “fragrance” ingredient listed on cologne labels.

Meats, dairy, and eggs also commonly contain phthalates that the animals were exposed to. And trace amounts are found in produce from pesticide residue.

It’s tricky because even when you’re trying to eat clean and natural, you can get traces of phthalates. The key is being aware and reducing exposure where possible.

Tip: Choose fresh, organic foods whenever possible and steer clear of processed, refined items and fast food. Also, avoid foods that are packaged or stored in plastic containers.

You Eat a Credit Card of Plastic Each Week

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A study[1] by Australia’s University of Newcastle found the average person eats 5 grams of plastic per week. That’s like eating a credit card every 7 days!

The plastic adds up from water, food packaging, and consuming shellfish or small fish that contain plastics.

Phthalate regulations are stricter in Europe than in the US, so if you live in the US, exposure is an even worse problem.

Even trying to eat healthy, some plastic is making its way into your system.

Now imagine years and years of accumulating all that plastic. No wonder hormone levels are out of whack! Going phthalate-free can help reduce your plastic overload.

Exposure is Causing Reproductive Issues

Research clearly shows phthalate exposure is linked to some alarming effects on men’s reproductive health. Studies show it can reduce testosterone and sperm production, shrink package size, and cause fertility issues.

Mothers who are pregnant that are exposed to too many phthalates… their sons are born with very small penises.

Shorter and thinner!

phthalates affect penis size

*My mom does NOT wear perfume. Thank God!

As if low T and lower muscle gains weren’t enough, now your manhood is at risk too.

Reducing your exposure to hormone-disrupting phthalates is crucial for maintaining your masculinity and your gains.

No man wants to mess with his masculine health. Cutting out phthalates can help get your hormones and your body back on track.

Avoid Phthalates, Optimize Your Hormones

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Go Phthalate-Free with Glass, Metal, Organic

Ditch the plastic and go phthalate-free. Use glass or stainless steel containers instead of plastic. Choose natural organic personal care products.

Buy organic produce whenever possible.

Making phthalate-free swaps may take some adjustment, but your body will thank you. Meal prepping healthy foods in glassware helps reduce exposure. Read labels and research brands to avoid phthalates.

Here are some tips for reading labels to avoid phthalates:

  • Look for “phthalate-free” listed on the label. This indicates the manufacturer has purposefully avoided using phthalates.
  • Avoid products with “fragrance” or “parfum” listed, as these generic terms can hide phthalates. Look for fragrance-free options.
  • Avoid ingredients like “DEP” (diethyl phthalate), “DBP” (dibutyl phthalate), and “DMP” (dimethyl phthalate) as these are common phthalates used in many products.
  • Look for plant-based or mineral-based ingredients instead of chemicals. For example, essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.
  • With cosmetics/personal care items, look for labels like “non-toxic” or “natural” which indicate less likelihood of phthalates.
  • Check the company’s website for their ingredient sourcing and philosophies. Many health-conscious companies now advertise being phthalate-free.
  • For produce, choosing organic is best to avoid pesticide residue that may contain phthalates.
  • Polyester underwear is often treated with phthalates as a finish on the fabric, so avoid it.
  • Poultry tends to have more phthalates than beef. The skin on chicken is especially high, so avoid that or just eat steak like I recommend.

Going completely phthalate-free overnight isn’t realistic. But by gradually implementing changes, you’ll reduce your contact with these hormone disruptors.

Here are Some Phthalate-Free Products I Like

For shampoo and conditioner, I like to use Andalou Naturals or Brickell.

For deodorant, I like to use MAGSOL. The Hunter scent smells amazing, and I always get compliments when I wear it.

For toothpaste, Green Beaver or Remin is great.

For laundry detergent, Seventh Generation Free & Clear (unscented) is my go-to.

Reclaim Your Natural Testosterone

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It’s nearly impossible to avoid all phthalates and estrogenic compounds we are exposed to in our environment.

This is why Kino Mojo is such a crucial supplement.

Not only does it raise free and total testosterone levels, but it also blocks the estrogenic compounds we deal with daily.

More testosterone & less estrogen = muscle growth.

It’s been working incredibly well for my clients and customers.

kino mojo blood work results

Free testosterone is the most active form of the hormone, and it is readily available to be used by the body.

A key ingredient in Mojo, Tongkat Ali, is incredibly effective in raising free and total testosterone.

I wrote an article about it here:

Does Tongkat Ali Really Boost Testosterone?

Every increase in Free testosterone has a dramatic impact, so almost tripling it is a BIG deal!

We got the formulation just right on Kino Mojo.

Here’s another testimonial.

A former pro basketball player from Turkey sent us a before and after.

Kino Mojo Get Ripped

He lost 30 pounds in 6 months following Movie Star Masterclass (my flagship program) and then added Mojo the final 3 months to really get shredded and dial in his physique.

Our particular source of Tongkat Ali is a potent source of Eurycomanone

This is the compound responsible for the pharmacologic (drug-like) effects of the plant on the body, including its potential ability to increase testosterone levels.

It’s what makes Kino Mojo so awesome.

Then we added Boron to the formula.

Boron can reduce estrogen levels and increase free testosterone levels by blocking the effects of estrogen.

periodic element, dark background

It’s super hard to get Boron from food.

This ingredient alone makes it easier to get lean by blocking the estrogenic compounds we are exposed to each day.

We also included the minerals zinc and magnesium, which are needed for testosterone production.


We added Forskohlii.

One Forskohlii study[2] showed a 17% increase in testosterone and 9 pounds of fat loss in just 12 weeks.

There has also been a meta-analysis of 7 studies showing significant fat loss supplementing with Forskohlii.

evidence-based, anti-obesity

This is why I decided to include Forskohlii in Kino Mojo.

It increases testosterone while reducing body fat.

So dial down the phthalate exposure, and you can reclaim those beastly testosterone levels needed for muscle growth.

Also, consider supplementing with Kino Mojo.

More testosterone and less estrogen will give you the optimal hormonal environment for building muscle while getting lean.

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