Squat Or Die – Group Think Exposed

I recently was recruited to write an article for Spotmebro.com on the three best exercises to build an attractive physique. And as you can imagine, squats and deadlifts didn’t make the cut. The exercises I selected were Incline Bench, Weighted Pull ups and Bulgarian Split Squats. BSS’s are a much better exercise at developing a…

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The Kinobody Morning Ritual Routine

I believe that everyone should have a morning ritual routine. It will completely and absolutely transform your life. How you spend the first 30 minutes of your day, will in fact, shape the rest of your day. Just by doing a simple morning routine, you will be more focused throughout the day, you will be…

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How to Maintain 6-8% Body Fat Year Round

It’s not enough to lean down to a chiseled state, we also must maintain it! After all, what’s the sense in looking good for a few days, only to drift back to average shape, shortly thereafter. This is what bodybuilders and competition fitness models do. They train and diet their asses off to look good…

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The Adonis Belt – The Key to Perfect Leanness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U79vRzmnbr8 I want you to forget about body fat percentage. Let go of it completely. I want you to integrate a much more effective and reliable tool for tracking leanness. That metric is the waist measurement. Why am I so fond of the waist measurement? It’s simple and it’s unmistakably reliable. With body fat testing, you…

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This Is The Secret Code to Building a Great Body

This Is The Secret Code to Building a Great Body Let me preface by saying that when I say ‘great body’, I am referring to a lean, well muscled and absolutely chiseled physique. The type of physique that would blow both men and women’s socks off. Incredible definition, great proportion and just the perfect amount of…

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How to Customize Your Kinobody Journey

Where Should You Begin Your Epic Journey? The first step to building a downright aesthetic physique is and always will be getting lean. It’s tempting to want to begin the Superhero Bulking Program since it’s new and exciting, but unless you have a slim waist and low body fat, adding more muscle won’t do much to improve your…

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The Superhero Body Workout

The Superhero Bulking Program is Finally Here! I am so excited to finally release this superhero body workout for all my followers! This program is unlike anything else out there. I have no doubts. First, I have to apologize for the long delay. I wasn’t being lazy, I just wasn’t ready to release it until I thought…

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Chris Pratt Kino Workout

Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy Workout

The Chris Pratt Workout Routine for is an Awesome Plan to Lean Down and look like Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. Parks and Recreation star, Chris Pratt, did an awesome job getting in great shape for his role of Peter Quail, in Guardians of the Galaxy. Interestingly enough, Pratt normally maintains a very average and…

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