The Superhero Body Workout

The Superhero Bulking Program is Finally Here!

I am so excited to finally release this superhero body workout for all my followers! This program is unlike anything else out there. I have no doubts.

First, I have to apologize for the long delay. I wasn’t being lazy, I just wasn’t ready to release it until I thought I had an absolute game-changer on my hands. Thankfully, that day has come.

That said, this superhero body workout program will only be available for seven days (for now). By August 27th, the doors will be closed.

The reason for this is simple: I want to get my most loyal readers a chance to get this superhero body workout program before everyone else. This way, I can answer their questions via email or forum (oh that’s right, there’s a Superhero members-only forum, too!).

After the 7 days the doors will be closed for a few weeks. This will allow me to make any necessary bonus content for the course and to have everything ready for the public release.

This goes without saying, but if you purchase the program within the 7 day window, you’ll be getting a BIG discount as well as any and all future bonus updates.

How Does this Course Differ From My Greek God Program?

The Greek God Program is amazing for gaining rapid strength on key lifts and building great muscle density. When you want to take your physique to the next level and achieve Superhero muscle development, you need to incorporate more volume and a phase oriented lifting routine.

This new superhero body workout program has 8 months worth of workout routines to systematically bring up each muscle group to superhero status.

Superhero Body Workout


More over, this is more than a fitness course. It’s about creating the Superhero Lifestyle. I teach you how to allow this “fitness stuff” to fall into the background of your life. (In fact, “Living the Superhero Lifestyle” is one of the bonuses.)

This way you can stay shredded and move closer to Superhero development effortlessly.

I also include some of the TOP dating and style experts to get a Superhero edge on becoming a well-rounded man that conquers at life. This is really the full package – and MUCH more than just a fitness program.

Can You Really Get a Superhero Body with this Program?

Of course! You can get some pretty damn awesome results.

However, keep in mind this muscle building program is designed for natural lifters. And building muscle naturally takes time. That said, most guys that switch to this style of training see rapid changes in a matter of 3-4 weeks.

And because you’re phasing specific muscle groups, you can really see the changes. In fact, I’ve been following this course to reach my best physical condition of all time. Just take a look at the video below…


Get Access Today!

Superhero Body


Head over to to learn about this muscle building program and get started today!

This thing is packed with tons of value and between the fitness manuals, lifestyle sections, style guides and dating and sex podcasts, it has the power to dramatically boost the quality of your life.

In fact, if my younger brother wanted to live an incredible ‘superhero’ life, this is the course I would give him. It really is everything you need! Moreover, you’ll be able to share the journey with other guys in the interactive Private Members Forum.

Really looking forward to seeing you in the inside and hearing about your incredible results.

Read about the Superhero Body Muscle Building Program and get your copy by clicking here.