How to Master The One-Arm Pushup In 6 Simple Steps

The one-arm pushup is a show of Herculean strength. Even a gym monster that can bench 300 pounds is unlikely able to do a one-arm pushup, or any exercise involving a single limb for that matter. Do you want to show off to your friends, or show off to the kids and their moms at…

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Hotel Workout and Dieting: How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat While Travelling

How do you maintain a lean and mean physique when on the road? A vacation or business trip can certainly complicate matters due to lack of access to exercise equipment or quality food options. On top of that, your normal schedule may be thrown out of whack. Nevertheless, a high-quality hotel workout is possible, as…

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The Six Benefits of Bodyweight ‘Mastery’ Training

The benefits of bodyweight training workouts are actually quite massive and profound! This post will seek to explore the motive behind working with bodyweight exercises to build strength and to build a great body. First things first: the main goal of working out is progressive overload – to increase your strength. You can build strength with…

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Tension Flexibility Training for a Healthy, Supple & Functional Body

Building a strong, muscular and chiseled physique is definitely the primary focus of kinobody fitness and with this attainment, you will look fantastic and you’ll have plenty of real-world strength and functionality. However, if you don’t utilize key flexibility movements, it’s likely you will experience nagging joint pain and become stiff and prone to injury. Now…

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Incorporating Bodyweight Training Into Your Routine

Bodyweight Training is no freaking joke! For a long time, bodyweight training (or calisthenics) was considered inferior to lifting weights. People associated bodyweight training with high rep push-ups, squats, chin-ups, and dips. Fortunately, martial artists, gymnasts, and inmates showed us that bodyweight training is no freaking joke! The mind is the limit with bodyweight training.…

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Getting Lean, Strong & Muscular with Bodyweight Training

What if I were to tell you that you could build an incredibly lean, strong and chiseled physique with only your body as a tool. Think about that for a second. There would be no need for an expensive gym membership and no need for bulky home gym equipment. Imagine the possibilities, imagine the freedom.…

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How to Do A Flawless One Arm Pushup for 10 Reps

The One Arm Pushup is an advanced bodyweight exercise that requires a ton of strength in the chest, triceps and shoulder muscles. In addition, a great deal of core strength and stability is required to perform the one arm pushup with really good form. Why Should You Care About Doing A One Arm Pushup? The…

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