Hotel Workout and Dieting: How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat While Travelling

How do you maintain a lean and mean physique when on the road? A vacation or business trip can certainly complicate matters due to lack of access to exercise equipment or quality food options. On top of that, your normal schedule may be thrown out of whack. Nevertheless, a high-quality hotel workout is possible, as is maintaining your daily caloric food intake. Sure, you’ll need to make a few adjustments, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

Maintaining A Diet on the Road

Traveling means more outings at restaurants and greasy spoons. If the trip includes lengthy commutes, then food may include low-nutritional snacks from gas stations and 7-11s.

However, maintaining a diet on the road is only harder if you’re following the conventional clean eating and six-meals-a-day diets.

On the other hand, if you’re following a Kinobody diet, then the process really isn’t much harder. You still maintain your intermittent fasting. Just have a few cups of coffee in the morning and consume two bigger meals later in the day.

What to Eat

As far as the meals are concerned, we recommend sticking to a meat-heavy diet since the protein promotes fullness. In fact, try to get in some healthy meats with a side of potatoes. This prevents you from binge eating at the buffet.

Remember, though, that you don’t have to eat clean all the time. By all means, check out the local pizzeria or authentic Mexican cuisine down the street corner.

Eating only two meals a day while traveling especially makes your job easier when you’re trying to shred up. Even in the event you dine out and consume a super-high calorie meal, you can burn some of it off by walking. A stroll in downtown or by the coast is probably something you’ll be doing a lot of anyways when on vacation.

Keeping Track of Calories

Another beneficial aspect of Kinobody is that you don’t have to keep track of every calorie. Do so if you can, but if not, then a guestimate suffices. With experience, you will be able to “eyeball” a portion of food and make a fairly accurate guess about the number of calories it contains. Even if off by 100 or 200 calories, it’s no big deal. Being in the ballpark of your daily caloric intake is good enough.

If you suspect you went over by a few hundred calories on a given day, then just offset the next day by eating a few hundred calories less.

How to Train When on the Road

The other factor is exercising. You can get in a good hotel workout if the facility has its own gym.

You don’t even have to maintain your normal Kinobody three-days-a-week routine. Scaling back to just two workouts per week is permissible. However, we don’t recommend more than three days without a workout. You can still make muscle and fat loss gains training just twice a week. At the very least you’ll maintain your current muscle mass. However, if you can continue to manage three workouts a week, then do so. This is best for making gains as it maximizes recovery and muscle volume.

For fitness on the go, we recommend implementing our Greek God Workout program. The course contains a workout A and workout B, which targets every major muscle group.

Can’t Get in a Hotel Workout?

However, what if you’re staying at an economy motel or the gym is a really crappy one with only cardio equipment? If a hotel workout is not possible, then see if there is a gym nearby, perhaps a 24-Hour Fitness, Planet Fitness, or locally-owned workout facility. Most gyms offer a weekly or one-time pass. If you have to pay $10 for a one-day entry, then do that.

Some gym franchises also offer a free one-day pass, which you can sign up for online to receive a printable voucher.

If a hotel gym is nonexistent and there are no gyms nearby, then just stick to bodyweight training. You can do a hotel room workout just by doing some advanced pushup variations and pistol squats. In fact, we recommend checking out the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery program before going on any extended trips. The course covers upper and lower body workouts as well as a number of core exercises. Even without a gym, you can surly find a local park or some place with at least a pullup bar for chin-ups and hanging leg raises. Do that and some lower body work, and you’re good to go. Best of all, the workouts only take about 20 minutes.

Don’t Make Excuses

With both the eating and exercise component covered, there is really no excuse for not getting in a bi-weekly workout.

If you followed a conventional muscle building or weight loss program, then yeah, you would probably have a legitimate problem sticking to your routine. We have even heard of bodybuilders and fitness models that would turn down vacations or other recreational activities because it would get in the way of their daily fitness rituals.

Kinobody, though, offers enough flexibility to work around a vacation schedule, so you have no excuses for slacking off.

What About Drinking?

One question we get a lot is whether drinking is permissible in a Kinobody program. Alcohol will certainly be a temptation if the vacation includes barhopping or late nights at the hotel bar.

As with eating out, feel free to have some liquor in moderation. Just don’t drink to the point of a drunken stupor. If you feel hung over the next day, then you over did it.

We also recommend sticking to lower-calorie alcohol, such as red wine, which also has some testosterone-boosting benefits.

If you’re of the type that thinks you need to get hammered to have a good time, then we suggest you deviate from that mindset.

Staying Fit at Home and on the Road

All the tips we just outlined are also applicable for people who are just busy in general. Perhaps you stay home all day but have limited time due to work and family demands, or maybe you just want a more active social life. You can still incorporate some of these training principles, such as the occasional twice-a-week workout, drinking in moderation, and eyeballing restaurant food to gauge the estimated calories.

Stick to these pointers, and you’ll be able to stay disciplined and on point whether at home or in a hotel.