Should You Bulk Up or Lose Fat First?

Achieving your dream physique is about acquiring muscle and dropping body fat. One without the other doesn’t really give you a complete look and leaves more to be desired when seeing yourself in the mirror. Since you want more muscle and less fat, this begs the question: Is it better to bulk up or lose…

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How To Lose Belly Fat And Stubborn Areas

Some people call it a pot belly. Others refer to it as a beer gut. Call it what you want; the bottom line is that a protruding waistline is the very antithesis of a beach body. This is why so many men seek out Kinobody to learn how to lose stubborn belly fat fast. Likewise,…

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DEXA Body Fat Testing, Physique Standards & The #1 Mistake of Top Fitness Models

I decided to get my body fat tested with the most accurate device known to man. The DEXA scan. This device uses Dual X-rays to measure your bone mass, fat mass and lean body mass. What’s amazing about the DEXA scan is that not only does it show you your body fat… It also tells…

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Body Fat Percentage for Six Pack Abs

  Let’s talk a little bit about body fat percentages! Most guys want to get to a low body fat for no greater reason than to have a set of chiseled six pack abs. Six pack abs and having that defined v line are the hall mark sign of a downright aesthetic physique! So the…

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The Five Best Exercises for Washboard Abs

  The term six pack is a broad term and encompasses a rather accommodating level of abs development. If you’re fine settling for abs that show nicely with great lightening and a forced flex then skip away. But if you want those v line abs that stand out no matter what – I’m talking abs…

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Tension Flexibility Training for a Healthy, Supple & Functional Body

Building a strong, muscular and chiseled physique is definitely the primary focus of kinobody fitness and with this attainment, you will look fantastic and you’ll have plenty of real-world strength and functionality. However, if you don’t utilize key flexibility movements, it’s likely you will experience nagging joint pain and become stiff and prone to injury. Now…

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My Morning Workout Routine for Rock Hard Abs and Flawless Flexibility

The above video is of quick workout routine that I love to do a few times per week in the morning. Ignore the icepack and piano music (I turned the workout video to pay homage to american pyscho). The purpose of the workout is to strengthen and build my core muscles and to maintain a…

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How to Get V Line Abs

WHAT ARE THE BEST V Line Workout Exercises? These are the best exercises I know on how to get the v line muscle to develop: 1.) Side to Side Knee Ups: This is probably my favorite exercise in my v cut abs workout. I was first introduced to this exercise by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book.…

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