How To Lose Belly Fat And Stubborn Areas

Some people call it a pot belly. Others refer to it as a beer gut. Call it what you want; the bottom line is that a protruding waistline is the very antithesis of a beach body. This is why so many men seek out Kinobody to learn how to lose stubborn belly fat fast.

Likewise, for the ladies, they may second-guess about wearing that two-piece due to the “cottage” cheese thighs or excess flab under their triceps.

It’s a recurring question in the fitness community whether you can specifically reduce fat in these areas by targeting that body part directly. This is known as spot reduction. What we’ll introduce isn’t just our opinion, but also what numerous independent studies have revealed about spot reduction.

Is Spot Reduction Possible?

Want to know how to lose belly fat? The key isn’t more crunches, leg lifts, or buying one of those ridiculous ab gizmos you see in infomercials. You can’t reduce your waistline by working your abs directly. The body doesn’t respond in that manner. If you’re still hoping against hope that spot reduction will somehow work for you, here are three studies to burst that bubble.

Study #1: The Abdominal Exercise Study

In a 2011 study, a group of healthy subjects underwent an abdominal exercise regimen. After six weeks, the group showed no difference in body fat percentage or reduction in abdominal circumference in comparison to a control group. The exercise group, however, did show an improvement in muscular endurance.

What this shows is that while ab exercises have no effects on body fat reduction, they’re still useful for increasing core strength. This is certainly useful if you compete in competitive sports, such as MMA or gymnastics.

Study #2: The Leg Study

In this study, subjects did leg presses on a single leg three times per week. Each workout consisted of a single set anywhere from a ridiculously high 960 to 1,200 reps.

At the end of the trial, body fat mass did decrease slightly by 5.1%. Here’s the thing: the fat loss occurred throughout the entire body and not just on the leg that performed the massive reps of presses. There wasn’t even a significant difference in muscle mass or bone density between the trained leg and sedentary leg.

This study in particular should dispel the notion for women that they can reduce cellulite on their thighs by doing high-repetition squats or gravitating towards the glute machine at the gym.

Study #3: The Arm Study

If you’re still skeptical, then here is a third and final study to put this whole spot reduction nonsense to rest. This study examined the arm circumference of tennis players. There was no difference in arm circumference or subcutaneous fat levels between the arm wielding the racket and the non-active arm.

We specifically listed these three studies because they delved into the body areas of the belly, thighs, and arms. These are the three parts people often cite as their stubborn areas.

Why Spot Reduction Isn’t Possible

Here’s the science behind weight loss if you want to know how to lose body fat. Fat cells contain a compound known as triglycerides. During physical activity, triglycerides break down into glycerol, which travels into the bloodstream and into the exercised muscle for energy. Glycerol is used and expended as heat, hence why the process is known as “burning” fat.

Here’s the deal: the body acquires triglycerides from all over the body, not just the fat around the muscle that’s getting worked. Various factors, such as genetics and gender, dictate where the body will first acquire triglycerides from. It’s believed that the first areas where you tend to put on fat are the first areas that will lose fat.

How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat the Kinobody Way

The only way to reduce fat in the belly and stubborn areas is through strength training and undergoing a calorie deficit. To learn how to lose belly fat fast and keep it off, we recommend the Warrior’s Physique program. Adhere to the course’s training and eating principles, and you will ultimately shed the pinchable rolls in your naval area.

Keep in mind, though, that you may not see an immediate fat loss in stubborn areas. As mentioned, your genetics and gender dictate where the fat loss will first come from. Perhaps your main goal is to lose belly fat. Before you begin seeing the six-pack, however, you may first lose fat in other areas, such as the chest, arms, and legs. Once triglycerides from those areas have been depleted, the body will finally use the fat stores in your midsection.

With this in mind, it’s important to stick with the program even if you don’t see the desired results right away. The good news is that once you do begin losing belly fat, the fat loss will occur relatively quickly since there are no remaining fat stores elsewhere that your body can use for energy.

What About Cardio?

People are often under the impression that the Kinobody courses are only good for building muscle. This is often due to a lack of cardio training in any of our courses. This comes as a shocker to many. We have been conditioned to believe that any fat loss program must involve traditional aerobic training that gets the heart rate up.

Traditional cardio does result in fat loss, but ultimately results in some muscle loss too if you’re not doing strength training. Yes, you may lose 20 pounds from jump roping or cardio kickboxing, but the weight loss may be equally from fat and muscle. When you lose muscle, your body’s ability to burn calories also declines. Strength training enables you to hold onto your hard-earned muscles, so almost every ounce of weight loss comes from fat.

Kinobody for Overall Body Development

Forget about spot reduction. It’s a myth perpetrated by makers of useless and overpriced ab machines. If you want to know how to lose belly fat fast, stick to a dedicated strength training routine and nutrition program.

If fat loss is your main goal, then our recommendation is either the aforementioned Warrior Shredding course or the Aggressive Fat Loss program. As for the ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you either. Our Goddess Toning and Kinobooty program is designed for women aiming for a Wonder Woman or swimsuit model physique.