Workouts to Get Lean and Shredded

Fast Twitch Training is the New “Cardio”?

If you have been following me for any time, you probably notice that I don’t do a lot of traditional cardio. My two main modes of training… Lifting weights for building strength and dense muscle Walking for overall health and fat loss The problem with prolonged traditional cardio like jogging or bicycling is that it…

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The Truth About HIIT Training for Fat Loss & Getting Shredded

If you have been keeping up with Kinobody for some time, then you know we aren’t big proponents of cardio. In fact, we think traditional cardio absolutely sucks. What about HIIT, though? Many advanced athletes perform HIIT and swear by it for its supposed and superior fat burning effects over traditional cardio. We’ll share our…

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How To Get Rid of Skinny Fat in 3 Simple Steps

Kinobody welcomes Christian Forbes to share with you the 3 proven ways to get rid of the “skinny fat” physique once and for all… Christian is the Warrior Shredding Mastery Coach and helps over 300 people every day get to their dream body. Christian got absolutely chiseled using the Warrior Shredding Program, but before he…

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Fasted Weight Training For Lean Muscle Gains

In this post, I wanted to share my most recent fasted weight training session with you. Intermittent fasting gives you a huge advantage for building muscle while staying lean. Now keep in mind, intermittent fasting alone will not build muscle. Fasted weight training works best with intelligent, laser focused sessions. I recommend basing your sessions…

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The Truth About HIIT for Fat Loss

  One of my greatest specialities is teaching people to lean down extremely quickly, while completely enjoying the process and not having any hunger issues. Now interestingly enough, to achieve this level of “Aggressive Fat Loss”, I use absolutely no intense cardio or interval training. Why you ask? Because there’s simply no need. All interval training does…

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The Adonis Belt – The Key to Perfect Leanness I want you to forget about body fat percentage. Let go of it completely. I want you to integrate a much more effective and reliable tool for tracking leanness. That metric is the waist measurement. Why am I so fond of the waist measurement? It’s simple and it’s unmistakably reliable. With body fat testing, you…

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This Is The Secret Code to Building a Great Body

This Is The Secret Code to Building a Great Body Let me preface by saying that when I say ‘great body’, I am referring to a lean, well muscled and absolutely chiseled physique. The type of physique that would blow both men and women’s socks off. Incredible definition, great proportion and just the perfect amount of…

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Why Diet & Cardio Can Cause You to Gain Weight

BONUS: Access the free bonus guide to losing weight with cardio… properly . What It Actually Takes to Lose Fat Recently a close buddy of mine hit me up on Facebook to shed some light on a conundrum that has been eating at him for sometime. He’s been dieting like a model and training like…

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