The Truth About HIIT for Fat Loss


One of my greatest specialities is teaching people to lean down extremely quickly, while completely enjoying the process and not having any hunger issues.

Now interestingly enough, to achieve this level of “Aggressive Fat Loss”, I use absolutely no intense cardio or interval training.

Why you ask? Because there’s simply no need.

All interval training does is burn calories. Now some people like to pontificate about interval training causing a massive ‘afterburn’ effect.

But most of the research shows the afterburn effect from intense exercise is simply not what most people are led to believe.

In fact, the research is quite clear that the afterburn effect results in only about 6-15% of the calories burned from the exercise session.

The Myth Of the AfterBurn Effect

That means if you were to burn 400 calories in a 30 minute interval training workout, best case scenario, the afterburn effect would result in an additional 60 calories!

That’s like a small apple. Nothing to write home about! So really, all interval training does is burn calories! It has no direct effect on fat loss, except that it burns calories.

That said, the problem is, it’s a horrible time investment. Having to slave away and kill yourself for 30 minutes to burn some calories is massively inefficient and not exactly the most productive use of time.

What’s more, interval training may drive up your appetite and deplete your will power reserves, making dieting more difficult.

This has been the case with myself, and many other people that I’ve worked with! As well, interval training will cut into recovery for your important training sessions, you know, your strength training sessions!

What it Actually Takes to Build an Incredible Physique

There is absolutely no need for interval training or intense forms of cardio to build an amazing physique! All it takes to build a great physique is to lean down to a low body fat and build muscle.

This comes down to eating at a calorie deficit and consuming sufficient protein and strength training to maintain lean body mass.

The Aggressive Fat Loss Program, is the most effective strategy I know, to reach a low body fat effortlessly and consistently drop 6-10 lbs of fat per month (while maintaining muscle).

In this program, I only use brisk walking as a from of ‘fat loss’ activity to induce a greater calorie deficit without triggering hunger, reducing recovery or depleting will power reserves.

Walking 30-60 minutes per day, is the best activity you can do to promote fat loss! As well, it’s enjoyable, you can walk with a friend, enjoy your surroundings or listen to a podcast or audiobook.

Get Ripped Without Cardio

Scott Edge is one of my latest Aggressive Fat Loss Transformations! He hit a very low body fat in just 12 weeks, with absolutely no interval training. Check it out below:


Here are Scott Edge’s stats!

Weight 174 lbs to 158 lbs!
Weighted chin ups 35 lbs to 60 lbs
Barbell Curls 100 lbs to 125 lbs
Incline DB Press 65 lbs to 85 lbs
Pistol squats 0 to 5 reps

Not only did Scott drop 16+ lbs of fat, he managed to gain a ton of strength too! Here’s what he said, 

“I’m all about living life man. And as i told you I was able to enjoy my favorite foods and had ice cream and a cookie nearly every night!! One if not the coolest parts, was that I was able to meet you at the ny city meet up, and you showed me how to do the muscle up and had me on the v log. Super cool time bro. Im thinking i will switch to the greek god program now. Anyway Greg, thanks for all you do”

Here’s a pic of us hanging out in New York at the Kinobody Meet Up! I even taught him how to do his first muscle up!


If you want to maximize fat loss and get super lean, without doing interval training, then you can check out my Aggressive Fat Loss Program here.

This is the program I used to get down to 6-7% body fat with relative ease. What’s more, I’ve been able to maintain strength and muscle and I’ve experienced no drop in sex drive.

Many people have issues with a drop in testosterone and sex drive when dieting to under 10% body fat. My Aggressive Fat Loss Program, side steps this issue by optimizing macronutrients, emphasizing late night eating and performing just enough training, without overdoing it.

Here’s a pic I snapped the other day of me at 6-7% body fat:


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