How To Get Rid of Skinny Fat in 3 Simple Steps

get rid of skinny fat

Kinobody welcomes Christian Forbes to share with you the 3 proven ways to get rid of the “skinny fat” physique once and for all…

Christian is the Warrior Shredding Mastery Coach and helps over 300 people every day get to their dream body.

Christian got absolutely chiseled using the Warrior Shredding Program, but before he found Kinobody, he struggled time and time again to not only get lean, but to stay lean once the weight came off.

Despite those hardships, he has crushed his fitness goals and is constantly setting new ones. I’m so excited for you to learn the strategies to finally conquer your “skinny fat” physique.

Christian, take it away!


Before going into the 3 proven ways to get rid of a skinny fat physique, we should first ask, “what does being skinny fat even mean?”

how to get rid of skinny fat

Skinny fat is when you are neither lean, fat, nor muscular. You are not noticeably “overweight” by any means, but you have a lower belly that you are absolutely dying to get rid of.

At the same time, you have no muscle at all to make any part of your physique stand out aesthetically.

The end goal is to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, but this needs to be done systematically. If you do not go about this right, you will not get the results you are looking for.

Now, let’s get into how to get rid of your skinny fat physique.

#1. Strength Train 3 Times Per Week

Strength training 3 times per week and building muscle to fill out your skin is the first and foremost best decision to go from skinny fat to muscular and lean.

In each workout, focus on the key compound lifts that support a strong and muscular body.

All of these exercises need to be sequenced in a proper plan to execute on to receive the most optimal results that give you a night and day difference in your physique.

#2. Eat At A Moderate Calorie Deficit

Combined with a proper weight training routine, you also need to be in a moderate calorie deficit to start getting rid of your body fat.

In your case, we want you to have enough of a calorie deficit to lose a consistent amount of fat each week (around 1-1.5lbs) but also not too much of a calorie deficit to impede strength gains, muscle building, or recovery.

Yes, you could lose weight faster, but that comes at a price you’re probably not willing to pay.

If you try and lose fat faster, you’ll sacrifice your chance of building any strength or muscle.

Although you will not have any fat on you, you will not look any better, in fact, you may look worse. This is why aggressive calorie deficits are not for you.

By the time you lean down, you want a decent amount of muscle so by the time you reach the proper amount of leanness, you’ll look incredible.

Not only would you be on a path proven to give you a great starting physique, you also get to enjoy every moment of the process. At a moderate deficit, you can still eat a good amount of food on a daily basis while leaning down.

And if you implement intermittent fasting (only eating through a part of the day) you will get to eat like a King each day, instead of feeling deprived.

#3 Implement Refeed Days

Last but not least, you need to have two refeeds a week.

This is where you eat at maintenance calories. Basically, you are not gaining nor losing weight on these days.

You do this on both of your upper body workouts to increase muscle growth even more in the areas that you want to.

Now, your chest, back, and shoulders get priority to build the perfect proportion that creates the Iconic Hollywood Physique you see on actors in Hollywood, like Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’ or Cam Gigandet in ‘Never Back Down.’

Putting Everything Together

Finally, you are now building optimal muscle in the best areas to create the look you want while getting rid of your lower belly.

With these 3 steps, you will not only get rid of your skinny fat physique, you will also create the perfect body that everyone around you will be jealous of.

Now you might be thinking – what is the best and proven program to give you the perfect and most efficient plan to get rid of your skinny fat physique and build a muscular body?

This is where The Warrior Shredding Program comes in.

The Warrior Shredding Program is the only elite fitness course that has helped over 23,383 people strategically lose fat, build strength, and gain muscle to achieve the iconic Hollywood Physique while providing a proven, enjoyable, and simple system to maintain that physique for life.

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You do not have to only trust me, rather, trust the other 23,383 people who have reached their goals and are enjoying life on a daily basis.

Here is my transformation:

skinny fat transformation
Age: 19
Timeframe: 6 months
Program: Warrior Shredding

Before I started Kinobody, I had been trying to lean down for over half a decade. I had tried every other fitness plan out there. I was doing crash diets, and I was doing intense cardio and programs like ‘Insanity’ to get to my goals.

I always tried to take things so fast that I never ended up getting anywhere.

It ended up making me bounce back and eat everything I saw. My friends convinced me to give losing weight one last shot. This is when I came across Kinobody and began The Warrior Shredding Program.

I went from 4 bodyweight chin ups to 90 pound weighted chin-ups for 4 reps. I lost 35 pounds and gained strength and muscle in the process. It was a lot easier than I thought losing weight ever was.

This 74-Page comprehensive PDF guide inside of the Warrior Shredding Program, along with several pieces of bonus content, walks you through every step in building the lean and chiseled Kinobody Warrior physique.

All the guess work has been stripped away – what’s left is the essential, proven plan for getting ripped while creating the perfect proportion of muscle.

Inside the Warrior Shredding Program, you’ll discover:

  • The workout program designed to drop fat while building muscle at the same time (yes, it’s totally possible!)
  • How to structure your nutrition protocol so you lose fat every single week without feeling like you’re on a “diet”
  • The lifting protocol that adds density to your muscles even during a caloric deficit
  • How to get shredded training only 3 days a week
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I urge you to jump on this program and join the journey with the rest of us.

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