Why Diet & Cardio Can Cause You to Gain Weight

BONUS: Access the free bonus guide to losing weight with cardio… properly . What It Actually Takes to Lose Fat Recently a close buddy of mine hit me up on Facebook to shed some light on a conundrum that has been eating at him for sometime. He’s been dieting like a model and training like…

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Dan Bilzerian Kino Workout

Dan Bilzerian Workout

Who Is This Bilzerian guy?  BONUS: Download the free Dan Bilzerian training routine  In this article I plan on laying out the Dan Bilzerian Workout and diet, also how you can use it to build an amazing body. But first, let me give you a little background on Dan Bilzerian… If you haven’t heard of…

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Body Fat Percentage for Six Pack Abs

  Let’s talk a little bit about body fat percentages! Most guys want to get to a low body fat for no greater reason than to have a set of chiseled six pack abs. Six pack abs and having that defined v line are the hall mark sign of a downright aesthetic physique! So the…

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The Five Best Exercises for Washboard Abs

  The term six pack is a broad term and encompasses a rather accommodating level of abs development. If you’re fine settling for abs that show nicely with great lightening and a forced flex then skip away. But if you want those v line abs that stand out no matter what – I’m talking abs…

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Zac Efron Kino Workout

The Zac Efron Workout for Neighbors

Since the movie Neighbors hit the theaters, I’ve been having more and more people asking me about the Zac Efron workout and how to get in shape like Zac Efron. You see, Zac is rocking a great looking body! He has awesome definition and just enough muscle to fill out a t shirt. This is…

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How to Build Sleek & Powerful Legs

For the kinobody physique, we are after well developed, proportionate and sleek looking legs. Legs that complement our upper bodies, without overpowering them. Legs that are athletic and agile, not bulky and cumbersome. And of course, we want to look fantastic. If we build up our legs too much (this is actually quite easy to do), they will…

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The First Ever 12 Week Kinobody Transformation Competition – Fat Loss Results

  First Place – Will ($1000 cash) Stats Country: Canada Age: 40 years old Height: 5’7 tall Starting Weight: 171.5 lbs –> 156.5 lbs Starting Waist: 34″ –> 30.5″ Biceps Measurement: 13.5″ –> 14″ Chest Measurement: 39.5″ –> 40.5″ Shoulder Measurement 44.5″ –> 45.5″ Program: Warrior Shredding Program My Comments  A lot of people think you…

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The First Ever 12 Week Kinobody Transformation Competition – Muscle Building Results

  First Place – Trent ($1000 cash)  Stats  Country: United States Age: 18 years old Height: 6’0 tall Starting Weight: 160 lbs –> 166 lbs Starting Waist: 30.5″ –> 31.5″ Biceps Measurement: 13″ –> 15.25″ Chest Measurement: 38.5″ –> 41.5″ Shoulder Measurement: 45″ –> 48.25″ Program: Greek God Muscle Building  My Comments  This is pretty damn fantastic!…

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