The First Ever 12 Week Kinobody Transformation Competition – Fat Loss Results


First Place – Will ($1000 cash)

Will Fat Loss First Place


Country: Canada

Age: 40 years old

Height: 5’7 tall

Starting Weight: 171.5 lbs –> 156.5 lbs

Starting Waist: 34″ –> 30.5″

Biceps Measurement: 13.5″ –> 14″

Chest Measurement: 39.5″ –> 40.5″

Shoulder Measurement 44.5″ –> 45.5″

Program: Warrior Shredding Program

My Comments 

A lot of people think you can’t gain strength and muscle while shedding fat. Will did precisely just that. This was accomplished in 12 weeks (newspaper proof) following the warrior shredding program and it’s not like he’s a 20 something year old. Moreover, he ended up adding 60 lbs to his deadlift, hitting a personal record of 335 lbs. Looking at Will’s physique, his abs are threatening to pop out.

If he was to drop down another 2-3% body fat, about 4-5 lbs of fat loss, his abs would be perfectly defined. As well, he can cool down on the leg work as his legs have plenty of size. I would actually encourage him to substitute his leg training for 4-6 sets of sprints. As well, he can focus on bringing his VMO (the teardrop shaped muscle that sits above the inside of the knee). This will give his legs more proportion and a more balanced look. I cover this extensively in the sleak and powerful leg workout in Kinobody Elite for the month of May.

Will’s Essay 

The timing of the Kinobody Transformation Contest was perfect.  Shortly before the contest started I found out that I would be moving across the country to a place known to have some of the best sandy beaches in Canada.  I couldn’t think of a much better motivation to lose the fat and get into summer beach body condition than that.

I was pretty ashamed looking at the before photos. It was a cold hard reality seeing how pudgy I had gotten.

Having seen the before and after photos on, I was confident that following the Kinobody Warrior Shredding program would net fantastic physical results. I also picked up lots of great information from the Road To Ripped podcasts, in fact I’ve listened to every episode at least twice.

My day to day life during the 12 weeks of the contest was extremely hectic with very long and stressful work days. But I followed the nutrition and exercise regimen in the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program as closely as I could. It’s all laid out for you, it’s simple.

It’s definitely not easy, but it’s simple and straightforward.   From looking at my after pictures, it’s obvious that I lost fat but I think I put on a small amount of muscle too.  For years I was told that it’s impossible to do both at the same time.   My strength definitely shot up too.  Over the last twelve weeks my deadlift went from 275 lbs to 335 lbs.

My advice to others: set a goal, set a deadline, get one of the Kinobody programs, follow it as written, and stick to it. Don’t look too far ahead, just focus on making today a success.

One thing I know for sure – I don’t intend to let myself get fat ever again. I’m looking forward to eating at maintenance for a short while then jumping into the Greek God Muscle Building Program to add some muscle.

Second Place – Salvador ($500 cash) 

Salvador Second Place


Country: United States

Age: 25 years old

Height: 6’0 tall

Starting Weight: 207 lbs –> 184 lbs

Starting Waist: 40.25″ –> 35.25″

Biceps Measurement: 16″ –> 15.6″

Chest Measurement: 44.5″ –> 43.5″

Shoulder Measurement 51″ –> 50″

Program: Warrior Shredding Program

My Comments

Salvador started off in really rough shape with a waist measurement exceeding 40″ and in a short 12 weeks Salvador slimmed down to looking quite lean and fit. Now he still has plenty of work ahead of him, but the difference is staggering! Many people that can identify with Salvador’s before picture, would absolutely kill to look how he looks in the after picture. He looks healthy and fit and would have no problems feeling confident at the pool or beach.

This is really an amazing accomplishment. Now if Salvador wants to get to the point of turning peoples heads then he’ll need to take his waist down another 2-3″. This reflects about 10-15 lbs of fat loss. He’ll want to take this slower and give himself 3 months to drop this next 10-15 lbs of fat. This is because the leaner you are the more sensitive you are to big calorie deficits and the more susceptible you are to muscle loss.

Salvador’s Essay

There are thousands of trainers out there with their own workout plans, products and gimmicks, but everything that I found at Kinobody just made sense and was so simple and available. The calorie deficit, the different types of lifting, and the intermittent fasting work, you just have to stick with the program. That is why I joined the Kinobody Transformation Contest. I would be held accountable for 3 months – starting off 2014 with a bang, and hopefully having that beach body everyone craves for once summer comes around.

I followed the warrior diet and lifting program, seeing results within 2 weeks. Lifting heavy feels good: you go in and lift more than you did last time. At first I used a modest weight to get the form right, but I increased the load pretty fast once the form was down. I had a huge sense of accomplishment leaving the gym. You develop a sense of honesty with yourself where you know you could have or should have lifted more. I would make note of these moments and push myself the next workout.

Tracking your workout is the number one tool when it comes to lifting. I feel like that’s the only way you can really progress, you need to know exactly how many reps you did of what weight, and how you feel your form was or any other notes. Having a lifting buddy also helped a lot. It made the time between sets go faster and it made me lift heavier knowing I had a spotter. I developed quite a bit of muscle, which I knew was going to help in dropping fat because I would be burning more calories just resting (I wasn’t really planning on doing much cardio…).

Being in a calorie deficit works. We’ve all heard it before, our doctors tell us, but we still don’t do it. Now with sites like Kinobody and calorie counting apps, it’s never been easier. I’m a medical student, so all I do is study, lift, eat, and sleep, which made keeping track of calories cake (easy as cake). I would have my first big meal at 2 PM right after my workout, dinner around 8 PM, two protein shakes in between and still have room for chocolate or a beer.

I found that cooking was the best way to keep track of my calories and make sure I got enough protein. I also held myself accountable for everything I ate. I didn’t have cheat days, but I knew that there were going to be some weekends where I’d drink and eat way above limit, so I’d just account for that and plan ahead. I did find that I need both the diet and the workout in order for me to stay on track. I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t lift for a couple of weeks, and found myself slipping on the diet.

It was difficult. Lifting makes me eat right because I want to repair the muscle as fast as possible, and want to “torch” the belly fat by eating at a deficit, but without lifting I found myself straying quite a bit. Currently, I’ve lost 23 pounds and am lifting more than ever. I have no plans of stopping. I’ve spread the word, and one of my buddies already lost 5 lbs. This has completely changed the way I workout, eat, look, and feel – I’m feeling good.

Third Place – Tom ($250 cash) 

Tom Fat Loss third placeStats

Country: United States

Age: 25 years old

Height: 5’10 tall

Starting Weight: 190 lbs –> 182 lbs

Starting Waist: 37″ –> 34.5″

Biceps Measurement: 14.5″ –> 14.5″

Chest Measurement: 40″ –> 40″

Shoulder Measurement 45″ –> 46.5″

Program: Warrior Shredding Program

My Comments 

Tom had an absolutely awesome transformation! In his before picture he looked like most typical nonchalant lifters at the gym. He has a little muscle with very little definition! Funny enough, Tom was absolutely serious about fitness beyond belief. He was training a couple hours each day and was also engaged in plenty of squash and a brutal low calorie diet. Yet Tom had really nothing to show for it.

Twelve weeks later, eating a lot more food and training a fraction of the time, Tom gained some serious strength, added a ton of muscle and definition to his chest, shoulders, arms and he’s slimmed down his waist very nicely! In fact, his shoulders and build are starting to resemble that of Brad Pitt in Troy. If he was to pack on some more muscle onto his chest, slim his waist down another 2″ and get a magical golden tan, he would have that Achilles look.

With a wedding coming up in October (5 months from now), this is precisely what Tom is going to do, minus the unrealistic tan! In fact, Tom was so ecstatic with the results he was getting and how much fun he was having with the training and eating that he recently hired me for personal coaching!

I’m putting him on a slow cut program to take him down to 8% body fat over these next three months while doing a form of chest specialization to add a solid layer of muscle to his chest! Normally I like to focus extensively on building the upper chest, but with Tom, we really need to emphasize a lot of flat and dip work to build the sweep under his chest.

Tom’s Essay

Hi, I’m Tom Ness and I joined the Kinobody Transformation contest to give myself the extra push to finally lean down to the physique I wanted. Before this contest, I didn’t have set plan. I would see an article in Men’s Health detailing what some actor was doing, or read about a workout online other people were doing that they seemed to be getting results from.

The workout I did before joining the transformation contest was Greg Plitt’s MFT28 program from Let me tell yeah… To hell with that! First of all, it’s not one, but TWO workouts every day: one in the morning and one in the evening. Each workout took about an hour and a half, so you’re looking at 3+ hours of lifting every day.

On top of that, the diet program was a smoothie-based protocol… With a chicken salad for dinner. Not substantial at all, considering how much I was lifting. After doing this for a month, I felt like I didn’t even see any major differences. I put in a LOT of work and didn’t see the results coming from it. Plus I was spending a lot on supplements (about $150 for that month), and didn’t feel like the results justified it.

It was around this time that Greg kicked off the Transformation contest. I was a big fan of his blog before this, but after reading his workout routines, I just thought it had to be harder than that. Like if I wasn’t beating myself up every day, then I wasn’t going to get results. Since I wasn’t seeing results with what I was doing, I decided to try out Greg’s Warrior Shredding Program, which I used for the contest.

This was a much different program from anything else I’ve done before, especially coming off Plitt’s program. The biggest thing is that I wasn’t working out as long. With the WSP I was in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less. More than that, I wasn’t completely drained after each workout from doing superset after superset. Instead, since I was only hitting a handful of lifts and only doing 2 sets for each, I wasn’t taxing my nervous system as extensively.

The common theme with people that follow my programs (Tom’s essay continued)

At first, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough work since I wasn’t as sore as I used to be. But then I noticed my lifts going up. I was benching more, curling more, pressing more… And my lifts went up every single week. For example, at the beginning of the contest, I could only do 2 sets of 8 pull-ups at bodyweights. Last week, I hit 5 reps with 40 pounds attached for set one and dropped down to 20 pounds for 8 reps on set two. That’s some crazy progress!

And the diet! Man, I was drinking smoothies and eating a chicken-topped salad – staying under 1,600 calories a day. Greg’s plan had me eating an extra 600 calories, but the Intermittent Fasting style protocol meant I could eat a HUGE meal with a couple smaller ones in there.

I actually prefer IF now, crazy enough. It’s SO much easier to fit that into a hectic schedule. And I never thought I’d say it, but I even struggled to finish some of the meals. On a cut. Ridiculous, right?

This contest – and Greg’s course – has really showed me that you don’t need to be in the gym for hours a day to build muscle and strength and get lean. Nor do you have to starve yourself. I eat more food now and workout less, leaving more time for life and fun. But I’m not constantly stressing out about fitness or worrying about everything I eat.

It’s really been liberating, and I’ll never go back to the “old ways”. Kinobody has become a way of life, not just a fitness program. I honestly didn’t think fitness could be this easy. I just wish more people would believe me that I started getting FASTER and BETTER results by working out less and eating more!

It’s a Wrap 

Hope you enjoyed hearing about these three winners success stories! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in three months if you dial in your training, nutrition and lifestyle habits. As you can see, there’s still areas they can improve in to maximize their aesthetics, so this is only the beginning. If you want to start getting your warrior shredding on then you’re definitely going to want to pick up the course. You can learn all about it here – warrior shredding program.

If you want me to evaluate your physique and personally coach you then you can apply for my exclusive program here – kinobody coaching. This is not something I’m planning on doing forever, so if you want to work personally with me, then I suggest getting in as soon as possible.