The First Ever 12 Week Kinobody Transformation Competition – Muscle Building Results


First Place – Trent ($1000 cash) 

Trent Muscle Building


Country: United States

Age: 18 years old

Height: 6’0 tall

Starting Weight: 160 lbs –> 166 lbs

Starting Waist: 30.5″ –> 31.5″

Biceps Measurement: 13″ –> 15.25″

Chest Measurement: 38.5″ –> 41.5″

Shoulder Measurement: 45″ –> 48.25″

Program: Greek God Muscle Building 

My Comments 

This is pretty damn fantastic! Looking at the pictures you can see a massive increase in muscle development and proportion. Trent’s waist went up by an inch, but I suspect that is mostly due to increased muscle around his abs, lower back and obliques. Interestingly enough, his waist actually looks smaller in the after picture because of the incredible growth in his chest, shoulders and back, creating the illusion of a smaller waist.

What you must understand is that in the realm of building muscle, 3 months is a very short period of time. People lift weights for 3-5 years to complete change their physiques. Three months is usually enough to build 5-6 lbs of muscle if you’re lucky! Now if I had to guess, I’d say that Trent added 15 lbs of muscle! Crazy enough, he only packed on about 6 lbs. So how did he make such an incredible difference you ask?

Well he focused on getting strong on the right movements. By building up his incline press, weighted chins and overhead presses, those 6 lbs of muscle look like 15. What you can accomplish in a few months looks like it must have taken you a year. This was lifting just 3 days per week! I can only imagine what six months would do to Trent’s physique.

As for what Trent should focus on now, it’s hard to pick a part his physique! He has a godlike shoulder to waist ratio, his chest is well developed, shoulders rounded and triceps are popping out from the side. That said, he’ll need to add some size to his biceps, I’d like to see him take his arms up to 16″ by predominately building up his biceps. He actually lacks the outer head of the biceps. It’s not filled in enough. Therefore he needs to put more work into hammer curls and parallel grip chin ups.

Finally, at 6’0, he’s a little underweight at 166 lbs. I’d like to see him slowly bring his weight up to 175 lbs while building up his core lifts – incline presses, standing presses and parallel grip chins and weighted pistol squats. If he can do this while keeping his waist around 32″, he’s going to have one of the best natural physiques in the world!

Trent’s Essay 

I would first like to thank Greg for hosting such an amazing transformation contest. I would also like to congratulate everyone who committed just three months of their time for achieving the body of their dreams. Following Greg through this contest honestly changed my life. The greatest impact Greg had on me was to enter a total state of acceptance.

Although, this did take a good amount of time (the first month of the contest) and I cannot say I mastered it, but once I could accept where I was; amazing strength and muscle gains occurred! Before the contest I suffered from obsessing with everything. What I mean is, if I did not meet the goal I set, I would be stressed and upset with myself.

That was such a horrible way of living. And I could never seem to push past that after being so hard on myself. Getting in the gym, giving maximum effort and accepting it, is such an incredible feeling. It allowed me to push through anything. Not just in the gym, but in everyday life as well! I followed the Greek God Muscle Building Course for the duration of the contest.

When it comes to building muscle and true strength, Greg knows exactly what he is talking about. What I absolutely love about the program is that everything is laid out perfectly and you are not living your life in the gym. The only thing needed for success is YOU! I feel my most favorite thing of this contest was the significant change I noticed in my physique!

Greg helped me grasp the concept of relative strength.I realized getting leaner and stronger at the same time is mind blowing. Standing at 166lbs and Incline Bench Pressing 230lbs for 5 reps is definitely a win in my book! There is no need to pack on excess body weight to attain that kind of strength. Relative strength plays such an important role in looking awesome while also having a functional physique for everyday life.

If it was not for Kinobody and the three months of hard work I endured, I do not know where I would be. My physique had such a dramatic change and I look at this as just the beginning. I am going to use everything Greg taught me for the rest of my Life! The Kinobody Transformation Contest was such an amazing and helpful experience, and I am so grateful I could be a part of it!

Second Place – Benjamin ($500 cash) 

Benjamin Muscle Building 2nd place

Country: France

Age: 21 years old

Height: 5’11  tall

Starting Weight: 158 lbs –> 164 lbs

Starting Waist:  32″ –> 31.5″

Biceps Measurement: 13.75–> 14.75″

Chest Measurement: 40 –> 42.5″

Shoulder Measurement: 46.5″ –> 49.5″

Program: Greek God Muscle Building 

My Comments

Benjamin made some absolutely killer gains! He was in pretty average shape to begin with. A layer of flat was blurring definition and his muscles lacked any solid development. In the after photo his abs are beginning to pop, his waist is taut and his upperbody has exploded with dense, powerful muscle. This was done in 3 freaking months!!!! Just imagine where he’s going to be at in a year from now.

His upperbody is also highly aesthetic. His chest has even development from top to bottom. You can tell that he focused hard on incline benching to build such properly developed pec muscles. His lats have also begun to come in from getting strong on heavy weighted chin ups. This has given his upperbody a much more dominant appearance. If you look at his shoulders you can see they have that great capped look. This is from working hard on heavy shoulder presses and higher rep lateral raises.

The next step to taking his physique to the next level would be to specialize on his biceps and triceps. I’d like to see him bring those up to 15.5″. I’d also like to see him take his body fat percentage down 1-2% so his abs are more etched out and the bottom two begin to show more.

Benjamin’s Essay 

What Kinobody program did you use for the contest?

I decided to go for the Greek God muscle building program, as it seemed like a perfect fit for someone willing to gain muscle in a very effective and efficient way.

 What did you like best about the Kinobody program you followed?

This program is simply awesome ! It allowed me to make great and consistent gains over those last 3 months. Moreover, it is not physically draining, and takes approximately one hour per session. For people who don’t have much free time and want to make great strength and muscle gains, it is simply THE program to go for !

What was the most significant change for you after using the Kinobody workouts?

What shocked me most was that I was gaining strength every single week ! I’ve been making progress NON-STOP for the past three months on every of my core lifts ! Greg mentions in his Greek god course that you have to train for strength. This is goddamn true, this is the key ! Training for strength resulted in a quite drastic change in my physic after these 3 months !

How is your life better after the Kinobody Transformation contest?

What I realize is that I feel way more confident than before. Your physique and how you look overall is the first impression that you give people, so you better make the best first impression you can ! My physique is now an incredible asset in my life. I now feel like I can take on every challenge that will come to me in the future. My favourite quote “A sound mind in a sound body” has finally come true for me ! I’m on the right path to living the life of my dreams ! Thank you Greg & Kinobody !

Third Place – Sky ($250 cash) 

Sky Muscle Building 3rd Place


Country: United States

Age: 25 years old

Height: 6’0  tall

Starting Weight: 173 lbs –> 176 lbs

Starting Waist:  34″ –> 33″

Biceps Measurement: 14″–> 14.75″

Chest Measurement: 38 –> 39″

Shoulder Measurement: 46″ –> 47″

Program: Dual Pyramid Training and Diet from Warrior Shredding Program

My Comments 

Sky was in solid shape to begin with! He was actually considered very fit. This is the point that a lot of people get stuck at. They have some good muscle at around 12% body fat but they lack incredible muscle tone. This is a tricky point to push through! Sky managed to build incredible strength while leaning down to about 8.5-9% body fat. Some people might think he’s more like 7% body fat by the way his abs look. This is just very good fat distribution patterns. If he was truly 7%, you’d see more vascularity and striations throughout his upperbody.

What’s remarkable is the amount of strength Sky built on this 3 month program. His bench went from 135lbs to 205lbs. His weighted pull-ups came up from 25lbs to 70lbs. And his dumbbell shoulder press jumped from using 45’s to 70’s. This is the type of strength you expect to take 6 months or longer. Sky has all the definition he needs right now!

The next step is going to be continuing to pack on the muscle. He’s going to want to shift into a lean bulk program and bring his chest up to 42″, shoulders up to 50″ and biceps up to 16″, while keeping his waist right where it is. When he gets to this point, he will blow people away in a shirt and at the beach. I suspect he can get there in about 6 months with calculated training and strategic lean bulking.

Sky’s Essay 

Before I joined the Kinobody Transformation contest I was afraid to compete in anything regarding my physique. I constantly flip-flopped between training programs and different diet protocols. My workout buddy is a massive, competitive body builder, so naturally I tried to keep up with him and his high rep, max-out-till-failure workouts. My results after the initial months leading up to the beginning of the contest were minimal and seemed to fade away 20 minutes after I got a pump from the gym.

I gained lots of muscle endurance and some size during that time. But alas, I couldn’t seem to gain the muscle density and definition along with the size.  You know, the cool looking kind of muscle. I was excited to have some sort of exterior motive in the form of a contest to keep me committed to a program. I wanted to experience what it’s like to completely follow through with a workout program. I wanted that sense of accomplishment.

I chose the Dual Pyramid Training Workout for my lifting sessions and followed your advice on diet in the Warrior Shredding Program (with a few extra calories : ). The workout program helped me slow down and focus on the movements that actually matter. Progress was easy to track and therefore progress seemed to actually occur. I can’t say much for actual size gains, but strength and muscle tone significantly improved everywhere.

My bench went from 135lbs to 205lbs. My weighted pull-ups came up from 25lbs to 70lbs. My dumbbell shoulder press jumped from using 45’s to 70’s. I competed in the muscle building division because I wanted to test myself by jumping out of my comfort zone. I knew I would kill it if I competed it the fat loss class. I have that skill down already (largely thanks to you and Chris Walker for all the great advice on the podcast). So, I figured I’d go for something I wanted to learn more about.

This has been a great start on a new journey for me. I know adding the size I want is still years in the making, however this 12 week contest set me off standing on a solid foundation of sound, consistent training wisdom.

It’s a Wrap 

Hope you enjoyed hearing about these three winners success stories! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in three months if you dial in your training, nutrition and lifestyle habits. As you can see, there’s still areas they can improve in to maximize their aesthetics, so this is only the beginning. If you want to start getting your Greek god muscle building on then you’re definitely going to want to pick up the course. You can learn more about it here – Greek God muscle building.