This Is The Secret Code to Building a Great Body

This Is The Secret Code to Building a Great Body

Let me preface by saying that when I say ‘great body’, I am referring to a lean, well muscled and absolutely chiseled physique. The type of physique that would blow both men and women’s socks off. Incredible definition, great proportion and just the perfect amount of muscle without being overdone.

Step One – You Need To Get A Taut Waist

The first and most crucial component of building a great body is achieving a taut waist. This will ensure a sleek low body fat and will support a powerful shoulder to waist ratio – the most powerful sign of physical attraction in men.

Look at any super aesthetic Hollywood actor and invariably they have a very slim waist. In fact, most Hollywood actors are going to have a waist measurement of around 31-32″ and sometimes less. Zac Efron easily has a 30″ waist. That said, some of the bigger guys like Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill have around a 33″ waist.

When you drop a couple inches off your waist your physique will instantly take on a more masculine appearance. Your upperbody will appear bigger and broader relative to your slim waist. You’ll also seem leaner and taller. Your shoulders will become more separated and your chest will start to become more square like – this is a result of having a lower body fat.

I recommend setting your target waist at around 44-45% of your height. Measure your waist first thing in the morning around bellybutton level (don’t suck in and don’t push out). Someone who is 5’10 is going to want to aim for a 31-31.5″ waist.

taut waist

When you get your waist at the ideal measurement, you’re going to weigh a lot less than you’d expect. In fact, someone around 5’10 with a solid amount of muscle is going to weigh around 165 – 175 lbs. That said, most people are going to think they are much bigger.

Now the most effective way to slim down your waist is by dialling in nutrition while eating proper macro’s and engaging in proper strength training to support strength and muscle mass.

This is where my Warrior Shredding Program would fit the bill. You’d slim down while building strength and dense muscle.

If you have a lot of fat to lose, I’d suggest going lower in calories, while still enjoying big meals and a good balance of fats and carbs. In this case, the best approach would be to do an Aggressive Fat Loss cut.

Step Two – You Need To Build High Relative Strength on Key Lifts

When your waist measurement is dialed in, gaining strength and muscle will have a much more profound visual effect. This is because, unless you’re very lean, any muscle you gain will be obscured by a layer of fat.

Now as far as optimizing your physique is concerned, the key is gaining relative strength on key lifts. Relative strength is a powerful indicator of body composition or your fat to muscle ratio. The more relative strength you have, the better fat to muscle ratio and the better you will look.

It is not enough to solely add strength, since that can result in fat and muscle gain. To ensure pure muscle gain, you need to focus on boosting relative strength. This is done by adding a lot of strength with a proportionally smaller increase in bodyweight.

Relative strength is different than absolute strength. Bench pressing 300 lbs may sound impressive, but it’s not that impressive if you’re 300 lbs. That’s simply a 1x bodyweight bench press and chances are that person is going to have a horrible muscle to fat ratio. Now a 175-pounder bench pressing 300 lbs is a feat to admire. This guy will automatically have a very high level of muscle mass to fat mass.

Relative Strength

So in essence, the better your relative strength is, the better you’re going to look. Anytime you improve your relative strength, you will look better.

There are two ways to increase relative strength: you either get stronger on your lifts or you lose weight. Or a combination of both.

If you’re gaining bodyweight, make sure that your lifts are going up at a much faster rate. So gaining 10 lbs in bodyweight should result in a 30-40+ increase on your bench press and weighted chin ups. This will ensure that the weight you gained was predominately or exclusively lean mass.

And if you’re losing weight, you want to maintain your lifts. This way you’re maintaining muscle mass while stripping away the fat -and thus, improving your relative strength and body composition.

What Are The 4 Key Kinobody Lifts?

There are four key lifts that I have found to be the most effective for producing an incredible physique. These are incline presses, weighted chin ups, overhead presses and heavy curls. These four movements will build an absolutely powerful upperbody.

You’ll definitely need to do some supplemental work and of course, hit your legs and abs. That said, when you’re improving on these four movements your physique is going to transform. As a result, the goal of your training should be to promote strength gains on these four movements.

My current lifts are as follows (at a bodyweight of 175 lbs and around 8% body fat)

Incline Bench Press: 250 x 6 reps (1.43x bw)

Weighted Pull ups*: 120 lbs x 4 reps (0.69x bw)

Standing Press: 185 lbs x 5 reps (1.06x bw)

Barbell Curls: 145 lbs x 6 reps (0.83x bw)

*Make sure you’re using a high quality weight belt that won’t interfere with your training.

How Do You Build Awesome Kinobody Legs?

In the next article, we will be addressing exactly how to build powerful legs that look good. The best exercises to support lean and defined legs that will maximize your athleticism and functionality. If you want an in depth program to achieving god like strength and aesthetics – check out my Greek God Program.

Most people gain about 50 lbs onto their chin ups and incline presses within the first 4 months of the Greek God Program. This translates to some serious dense muscle and functional power.

Which Program Is The Best For You?

So now you have a few different options as to which program to follow, depending on your goals: the Warrior Shredding Program, Greek God Muscle Building Program, or for more rapid fat loss – the Aggressive Fat Loss program.