How to Track Weight Loss – The Weekly Low

In this post today, I would like to share with you a cool concept to help you track weight loss and improve adherence altogether.

It’s called, The Weekly Low.

Fat Loss Frustration

When I am working with people and even when I am answering questions and emails, I see a common trend.

And this is where people start to freak out about their weight loss hitting a plateau, not going fast enough, or even going up.

The worst thing to do is think you are doing something wrong or drive yourself crazy on ways to fix this problem.

Reason being, this typically leads to dropping calories and increasing the cardio.

Understanding Fat Loss

Fat loss is not linear.

The majority of the time, weight loss happens with fluctuations.

Your weight may be going up and down slightly, but when you look at your progress over several weeks, it will be moving in the right direction.

You also need to take into consideration other factors that determine your weight such as, water retention, glycogen levels, and even cortisol.

Entering The Weekly Low

I actually weigh myself everyday. This helps keep me accountable and disciplined.

But here’s the thing, I don’t let myself get attached to that number, even if it’s higher on some days.

I understand that weight fluctuates.

This is why I strive for that weekly low!

It’s actually really motivating as well.

If you are only measuring yourself once a week, you could get a high or low day. Shooting for that weekly low also helps prevent you from becoming anxious and doing stupid things.

Things like, dropping the calories super low or adding in a ton of cardio to try and fix the issue.

I don’t recommend dropping calories any lower.

If you are in a good, solid deficit and weight loss stalls, this can be a good indication to take a break from dieting.

Maybe this all time low happens on a Monday one week and on a Thursday the next. Great! Record that weekly low and strive for another the following week.

I am actually working with an actor! (I will reveal who this is when we have the final transformation)

The point is, when we started working together, weight loss was very fast!

He is down a total of 8 pounds, and in the first couple weeks, the first 5 pounds came off very quickly.

But it soon slowed down, which is perfectly fine! There isn’t going to be another 5 pound drop like that.

Granted, he is also gaining a lot of strength, which will also effect body weight on the scale.

Currently, he is losing around a pound per week, gaining insane strength, and feeling awesome!

That is great news and what many others also experience when following my courses!

Closing Thoughts

It’s okay to weigh yourself everyday, you just cannot get emotionally attached to it.

Don’t get confused by the number on the scale and learn to work with your body.

Also learn to get motivated when striving for that weekly low of body weight!

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