How to Connect With Mentors & Build Your Dream Life

  In this video, I talk to Dougie Forlano, an up and coming star, who has had the amazing fortune of connecting and learning from some of the most successful people in the world. I wanted to pick Dougie’s brain on how someone can connect with powerful mentors and stand on the shoulders of giants,…

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How to Motivate Yourself for Success with Tai Lopez

  On my last trip to LA, I had the opportunity of meeting and connecting with Tai Lopez. Funny enough, he actually has been following me on instagram for a while. I was pretty thrilled to learn that. I initially came across Tai Lopez from his Lamborghini ads all over Youtube. I don’t think I…

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How to Be the Best at What You Do & The Untold Story of Greg O’Gallagher

  Authors Note: The following post was originally an email, that I wrote to my list. But the response was so massive, I wanted to share it on my blog as well. This is my story. Make no mistake, this isn’t to impress you, but to impress upon you, just what is possible, when you…

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How to Know Who to Trust (And Who To Avoid) In The Fitness Industry

Who Should You Trust in the Fitness Industry? I have plenty of courses that I sell, but my message is clear: I don’t want anyone buying anything from me until they’ve gotten a ton of free value. Ask yourself this question: “If the free shit is really that good… just imagine what happens when you follow…

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How to Stay Motivated on a Diet & Workout Program

On one hand, you want to structure your training and nutrition in a way that is downright enjoyable! People are in love with my courses because you get to eat big meals, you can eat the foods you love and you experience incredible freedom. You’re not in the gym everyday – you’re lifting three days…

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Why Fitness Shouldn’t Be Your Primary Goal

  One of my most important and original posts to date! Fitness should not be your primary goal! Fitness should never be the focal point of your life. It may sound odd or downright weird that someone like me, who dedicates their life to working in the fitness industry, would tell you not to make fitness your number…

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Walking, Eckhart Tolle & How Being Present Can Transform Your LIfe

This has become one of my most well received youtube videos to date, so naturally, I had to share it here. (Just check out the comments, they have warmed my heart and soul like a big bowl of crispy potato wedges) In this video I cover what to do on your rest days and I…

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The Kinobody Morning Ritual Routine

I believe that everyone should have a morning ritual routine. It will completely and absolutely transform your life. How you spend the first 30 minutes of your day, will in fact, shape the rest of your day. Just by doing a simple morning routine, you will be more focused throughout the day, you will be…

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