How to Know Who to Trust (And Who To Avoid) In The Fitness Industry

Who Should You Trust in the Fitness Industry?

I have plenty of courses that I sell, but my message is clear:

I don’t want anyone buying anything from me until they’ve gotten a ton of free value.

Ask yourself this question: “If the free shit is really that good… just imagine what happens when you follow the full blown course”.

This is the only clear way to see through all the bullshit in the fitness industry (or any industry for that matter).

I closed this video off asking people to share their most valuable tips they have taken from my videos and content… And the comments are damn near overwhelming.

If you can’t learn anything for free, and if you don’t get a ton of value from that free content, then move on. Some people believe if they give away too much content for free, then no one will want to buy their paid content (programs, courses, coaching, etc).

But the reality is – that’s only true if your PAID content is mediocre, in which case you have no place creating courses. But if your courses are really fuggin good, people will just want the next level, the full plan or the more complete/comprehensive program.

Final note: outflow determines inflow.

You can’t get what you don’t give. If you’re constantly withholding knowledgeeeee, you’re only hurting yourself.

Pour out as much value as possible. If money is your end game (like a lot of “gurus” in the fitness space), then that’s where you need to start. And on the flip side, if your motivation is creating change for people and helping people get crazy results (like we are here at Kinobody), then… well… that starts with pouring out as much value as possible, too.

Here’s a recent Instagram post that is actually very relevant right now:

The caption reads as follows:

Hanging with a Kinobody mayne at the Santa Monica meetup!! One of the guys from the meet up drove all the way from Vegas to meet and train with me – with his father, brother and buddy, all of whom, are on the aggressive fat loss program and making killer gains.

In case you didn’t know, that’s four hours…. Each way!!!! I’m honoured as fuck!!!!!!!!! These guys rock. So happy to be able to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

I am beyond words!! It is an incredible feeling to be able to deeply inspire people and show them how to achieve the body of their dreams, without the struggle and pain.

I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge with other people. It doesn’t make sense to keep it to yourself.

The true joy comes, not when you help yourself, but when you help and inspire positive change in another.