How to Motivate Yourself for Success with Tai Lopez


On my last trip to LA, I had the opportunity of meeting and connecting with Tai Lopez. Funny enough, he actually has been following me on instagram for a while.

I was pretty thrilled to learn that. I initially came across Tai Lopez from his Lamborghini ads all over Youtube. I don’t think I was turned off, but I wasn’t really interested in making money so I always skipped the ad.

Well, one day at a dinner several months ago, I heard people talking about him. Some people liked him, some resented him! Well, finally I decided to watch the add for myself.

After watching the ad, I couldn’t help but think, what a marketing genius he is. I began to look at his free content on his Youtube channel and was very impressed. The guy is an amazing speaker and he knows how to hook you.

Since then, I’ve been slowly modeling many of his marketing and social media strategies to grow Kinobody.

A few of these strategies include posting all my Youtube videos on (and putting the audio on a podcast), as well as using snapchat (@gog9) and Periscope @gregogallagher to build a tighter relationship with my audience.

I Had The Chance To Hang Around Tai…

I had the chance to hangout at Tai’s office and his house, and even shoot the shit with him. I also got to hangout with many people that work closely to him and have learned from him…

I asked them what they learned from Tai and in each case, it was something extremely powerful. Here’s me at Tai’s office with his brother (middle) and Dougie Forlano (left).


Here Are The Four M’s of Motivation

I had the chance to shoot a video with Tai, so I wanted to get his thoughts on motivation because so many people struggle with motivation and following through on a program.

Here’s what I learned from Tai Lopez. There are four compelling types of motivation – money, mating, mastery and momentum!

If you find out exactly what motivates you, you’ll be able to hustle much harder.

Are you motivated by making lots of money? Good. Let that push you forward, and don’t get guilt tripped about it. If you want the big house, the mansion or the exotic trips, that’s perfectly okay!

Are you motivated by women? Do you want to have an amazingly beautiful girl in your life? Then work your ass off and let that be your motivation.

Do you want to become the absolute best at your craft? Do you want to experience fame and notoriety? Then let mastery motivate you!

Finally, do you like pushing and making forward progress, each and every week. Do you like to be conquering life, and don’t want to lose your edge and your positive momentum?

Then keep working your ass off to keep that knife sharp. As you can see, finding your most powerful motivator, will give you the discipline and fortitude to keep pushing day after day.

I don’t think it has to be one of these. It could be more than one. It also might change. For a while, you may be motivated by women, but then, when you get the dating stuff handled, you may be more motivated by financial success or momentum!

Do You Feel Fulfilled And On Your Purpose?

I hope you found some value in this video and post! It’s definitely interesting to learn how human beings are wired! I’ve always been very well aware that as humans, we generally want a few things in our life.

We want to succeed in fitness, social/dating and career/business! I’ve also been focused on improving in these areas. To me, that’s what fulfills me: building my body, building my business and having an awesome relationship (or single life) and friends.

When I’m conquering in these areas, I feel totally fulfilled and on purpose. If I’m only focused on one or two of these, something doesn’t feel quite right.

I’ll also add, the importance of being present into the mix. Living in the present moment and not looking to the future for fulfillment. Pouring your attention into the fullness of life. Into the fullness of this.

This is something I discuss in this very important post – How Being Present Can Transform Your Life.