Walking, Eckhart Tolle & How Being Present Can Transform Your LIfe

This has become one of my most well received youtube videos to date, so naturally, I had to share it here. (Just check out the comments, they have warmed my heart and soul like a big bowl of crispy potato wedges)

In this video I cover what to do on your rest days and I share my personal experiences with learning to live in the ‘Now’ and how it can transform your life.

Interestingly enough, since encouraging people to listen to Eckhart Tolle audiobooks, I have received endless emails and messages from people thanking me deeply for sharing Tolle with them.

Here are a few:


I also took your advice and stared listening to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle which has helped me realize that the journey is the reward not the end game. The power of now is real and should be taught to all fitness enthusiasts. Don’t let your ego project happiness into the future because all we really are promised is right now.


I am loving your work, loving the posts, the inspiration… everything ! great job and thank you for offering such an interactive way to be fi and live! I am even listening to the Ekhart Tolle‘s audiobook everyday, I am feeling the transformation coming !! ;) thank you for sharing these valuables tips, keep them going !


My name is Marvin and Im from Germany. I really love your site and I´m also doing your Greek God Program but also the spiritual part of your site i really enjoy ! Since im doing meditations of Eckhart Tolle my feelings for the present and ” living in the moment” went to the top ! already thank you soo much for that!


Kudos on all you’ve done. If all I ever got out of your site and products was the referral to Eckhart Tolle, it would be more than worth it.

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First Lesson: The Past Is Powerless To The Present

Stop looking to your past to define you.

The human mind is an incredible powerful tool. Unfortunately the tool has taken many of us over. We look to our past to give us an identity, an identity that is often hard to escape. An identity that defines us to this day.

If your vision for how you want your life to be, for who you want to be, doesn’t support your current identity  – well you will self sabotage like crazy. The only way to break free of this is to learn to become present.

To stop defining yourself in the past. To use your past solely for a learning experience and to dis identity from any thoughts and beliefs that don’t support you. This is through becoming a powerful observer of your mind and it’s habitual thoughts.

“You can’t apply yourself and at the same time resist it.” If you can’t accept yourself right now, you will never be able to achieve your goals. It will be like a shadow following you around. No matter how fast you fun, it will be there, right behind you.

Second Lesson: The Mind Loves to Look to the Future for Salvation

The ego lives in past and future. Just like the mind looks to the past to define you, it looks to the future for the promise of happiness and fulfilment. But here’s the thing, if you’re not happy now, if you’re not complete now, you never will be.

We often tell ourselves that we’ll be happy or complete when we have this or that. Maybe it’s the perfect body, girlfriend or job…. This isn’t us talking. It’s our ego. The instrument has taken us over. And the problem is that the ego doesn’t exist in this moment.

The ego is never satisfied with the present moment. So even if you achieve your goals… Soon you will find yourself experiencing the same state of lack, the same state of incompleteness… This is a horrible way to live to constantly fall for the illusion.

Always wanting the future and not wanting what you have. This is when success is hard work and stressful. You want to be somewhere other than where you are. The entire journey is a chronic obsession to arrive, without any real value.

When you are able to fully accept yourself now. When you are able to realize that nothing you can ever do, have or become, can make you a more complete person. You realize you are fully complete in this moment.

This Is A Beautiful Awakening

Being complete now doesn’t mean you won’t be motivated to achieve your goals. Quite the opposite really. What this means it that finally you can work towards your goals with much more ease, joy and lightness than before.

If your goal is to build a great body. Stop dwelling on the future, stop dwelling on the fantasy! Attach your happiness, joy and fulfilment into the journey. The reward isn’t the future outcome, it’s the adventure.

You Need To Live With Enthusiasm

When your happiness isn’t tied to the future. Finally you can enjoy the process. When there is joy for what you’re doing, plus the added element of a vision you’re working towards – you create enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is the key to success. What is the common denominator of pretty much all successful people? They truly loved what they were doing, plus they had a vision. Now don’t mistake your vision for happiness. Seeking happiness is the antithesis if happiness.

Since it means that you don’t appreciate what you have, you don’t appreciate this moment. Hence why the film title, The Pursuit of Happiness, is completely paradoxical in nature.

Third Lesson: You Need To Realize The Present Moment Is All There Ever Is

“Have you ever lived, done or felt anything in the future or will you ever? The answer is quite obvious, is it not.” Eckhart Tolle

Stop waiting for the future. Stop waiting for something to happen. Stop wanting to be anywhere other than where you are now. This doesn’t mean to retire and stop applying yourself or taking action.

It just means that you accept what you have to do. If you’re working for hours late at night on your business, the mind might want to complain and even say “I can’t WAIT for this to be over with.” When you don’t WANT to be doing something, the quality of your work suffers big time.

So when I say, ‘stop wanting to be anywhere other than where you are now’, it means to fully accept what you’re doing. This will allow the ease of life to flow through you. Whenever we are in the ‘flow state’, whenever we are working at our absolute best, we are flowing with life.

When Leo Dicaprio is killing a role, is he thinking, “I can’t wait to get this over with so I can party with models”. Or does he have complete acceptance and joy for what he’s doing? Obviously the latter.

When I’m writing this article, am I trying to get this done so I can eat chipotle? Or am I getting swept up in writing this, and letting everything else dissolve away?

Imagine you’re going out to a bar with friends but you don’t really want to be there. How much fun are you going to have? Very little. You’re going to be a buzzkill.

Be one with this moment, anchor your attention into the now and watch how your entire life transforms. You start having fun, the stress, anxiety and struggles of live dissolve. And you begin to laugh at how you have created your own unhappiness, your own stress.

You see, external reality is a complete reflection of your internal state. If you’re not happy with the outer, you must change the inner.

When you learn to become present, your entire life improves… Fitness, work, dating, sex… Everything.

This Is The Power Of The Kinobody Morning Ritual


If you are new to LISTENING to Eckhart Tolle, I recommend you do the Kinobody Morning Ritual for two weeks. This is as simple as downloading the audiobook Practicing the Power of Now.

Listen to it for 20 minutes each morning. Carry on where you left off the previous day. I recommend listening to the entire audiobook at least 3-5 times.

The idea isn’t to ‘understand’ this stuff on an intellectual level. It’s to be able to experience the shift in consciousness, to be able to learn to become more present and take control of your mind, instead of being controlled and defined by it.

“You can’t think about presence, and the mind can’t understand it. Understanding presence is being present.” Tolle

To take things to another level I created a free supplementary guide where I detail my 2 most powerful additions to the morning ritual routine. To access this guide for free right now, Click Here.