How to Stay Motivated on a Diet & Workout Program

On one hand, you want to structure your training and nutrition in a way that is downright enjoyable! People are in love with my courses because you get to eat big meals, you can eat the foods you love and you experience incredible freedom.

You’re not in the gym everyday – you’re lifting three days per week. You’re making strength gains each and every workout and as you build up strength on your key lifts, your physique transforms before your eyes.

Now making fitness enjoyable is incredibly important. But make no mistake, it’s still not easy! You still have to commit yourself and make sure you hit your three workouts per week with absolute intensity.

You still need to make sure you stick to your nutrition plan, consume enough protein and hit your calorie numbers. So even with the best program in the world, it still requires some level of discipline!

Here’s My Key to Success

Do you want to hear my key to success and staying motivated? You need to become an absolute bad ass! Here’s the deal, when you feel that resistance, when you feel like you really don’t want to workout…

That’s exactly when you must put a gun to your head, and force yourself to train. When you feel like you really want to go way over your calories, that’s when you must put the foot to the pedal and keep pushing forward!

If you give in to your mind, you will be defined by it. And you will become weak. If you realize that these are just thoughts, and they have no control over you, then you can break away from them.

And you will shape yourself into an absolute warrior!