The Most Important Strategy For Sexier Curves

Gaining inspiration from fellow members is what these Kinobody blog interviews are all about…

Meet Tessa Plickebaum – she’s a 23 year old personal trainer from St. Louis, Missouri who has been following the Goddess Toning program for over 6 months now:


Tessa came across the Goddess Toning Program when a mutual friend liked a Kinobody post on Facebook. She then began learning more about the Kinobody approach and decided to give it a shot!

She felt the program was clear, helped keep people on track, and provided structure based around her own fitness ideals, such as strength training, and building those feminine curves.


Starting the program was a fairly smooth transition for Tessa as she was already working out, but her motivation came from the affirmation that her beliefs in strength training were accurate.

Due to recent abdominal surgery, Tessa was feeling weaker than she was used to and needed help regaining her strength.

She needs motivation just as much as the next person and the Goddess Toning Program was “the kick in the butt” she needed to get back on track. And best of all, she really enjoyed the minimalist structure the program provided.

Hearing it from Greg, someone she admired, pushed her to keep going and be more committed to her workouts after her surgery.


Although the workout program came easier to Tessa, she found it more difficult to dial in on her nutrition.

Her biggest struggle was discovering hidden calories here and there as she began paying closer attention to everything she ate.

Tessa has also found success with intermittent fasting (IF), but it actually took about two months to fully acclimate and begin enjoying it. The cravings to break her fast during the first two months were quite strong, but now fasting has become simple.

Is holding out the fast worth the reward? Tessa agrees it is.

Being able to seamlessly monitor her total daily calories by condensing them into two meals makes her diet easier to keep track of.


Tessa found that MyFitnessPal wasn’t for her, and prefers to write things down by hand. She enjoys keeping very organized in this way whether it be to track food or workouts, and looks to her written log as “proof” that she is making progress.

What are Tessa’s goals and where is she now?

Tessa reports her physical goals were to give her body some feminine curves, as she always felt “straight like a board”. Tessa confirms that she now feels stronger and curvier at the same time.

Which goes to show – strength training is the most important strategy for sexier curves.

“I was never concerned with my weight. It was with building strength. If I look good, I don’t mind if I have to gain an extra five pounds, that’s fine!”

Simple meaning, you may have to add muscle on the right places of your body to build those feminine curves.

Let’s take a look at some of Tessa’s progress: she began her shoulder press with 15lb dumbbells. She is now pressing with 40lb per hand, which she excitedly reports is “insane” to her and she’s not stopping there!

Final Thoughts

Tessa hopes that women who are new to fitness do some research and see that strength training truly is beneficial.

“Thank you for the program, it changed my life, and it really helped me after a hard time. I had just had surgery and I was not feeling sexy!”

Thank you Tessa for sharing your story and inspiring us!

Look out for our next Goddess Toning Program blog interview as we continue to share your stories and inspire you to get fit, build those feminine curves, and change your life!

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