Maximizing Your Sex Appeal: How To Pick Clothes To Go With Your Sexy Physique


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Kinobody introduces guest author Darius from Darius is a long time follower of Kinobody, and an absolute expert in style! In fact, he has some of the best outfit ideas I have seen online. He also works with men online as a personal style consultant. Anyways, without further ado, I am pleased to share this article that Darius wrote for kinobody! If you’re going to put in the effort to build a great body, you would have to be illogical, not to put in a little effort to dress well and look good! 

How To Pick Clothes To Go With Your Sexy Physique

Physique and style goes hand in hand when it comes to creating an image of a man, who’s sexy, confident and demands respect.

Here, at, you have some of the best resources when it comes to improving your physique. You also have an excellent article on dressing-well written by Nicolas – How to Dress with Style for the Kinobody Physique. He covered the basics and how to pick particular pieces like shirts and jeans, when you’re packing some muscle. Make sure to check this article if men’s style basics still elude you.

With this article I won’t repeat what was already said – instead, I’d like to help you take a step further and go from being well-dressed to looking straight up sexy. As a result, we want women, when checking us out, go from “he looks nice, I think I’d like to meet him” to “yummm… I will do bad things to this man when we’re alone!”

Why Should You Focus On Sex Appeal?

Tell me, why did you first get into fitness? Yes, we all want to be healthy and strong, but really – is that the reason why you first started hitting the gym, watching what you eat, etc.?

If I were to make a calculated guess, I’d say that about 7 or 8 out of 10 guys here started working on their appearance for the same reason I started learning about clothes and men’s style – to get women and have more control over our sex life.

In my case the situation was quite dire – I was a freshman in university, studying IT, without any success with women – the nightmare of becoming a 40-year old virgin, or something close to that, seemed to be just around the corner. The fact that I had a huge crush on the hottest girl in the dorm didn’t help my case either.

I did work out at the time, but I was rather clueless on the subject and was pretty much beating around the bush without getting any noticeable results – guys, you have no idea how lucky you are to have a site like right now! (This is the part where we say Thank You to Greg for his work)

So I aimed on learning to dress in a way that would present me in the most attractive way. One of the reasons I focused on clothes is quick results – your new, sexy persona can be achieved in a single shopping trip, when you know what you’re doing.

And yes, afterwards, just like fitness, it becomes a way of self-expression, you want your image to correctly represent all the great qualities that you have on the inside. But for most of us, it all starts with a very basic need of being attractive to the opposite sex.

What Is The Difference Between Being Well-Dressed & Dressing Sexy?

The two are not mutually exclusive, but one does not necessarily guarantee the other – you can be well-dressed and still appear stunningly boring or you can dress very sexy but not exactly in a way that would be deemed stylish by general public (it’s a bit of a cliché, but think Brad Pitt in Fight Club – red leather jacket with patterned shirt, not exactly something your typical style consultant would recommend)

As a rule of thumb, you want to be well-dressed when your goal is to impress other men, like a job interview, business lunch, etc. and dress sexy when you want to be perceived sexually attractive by women.

Naturally, if you are able to achieve them both and with this article I’ll do my best to help you achieve exactly that effect – more power to you!

How To Maximize Your Sex Appeal Using Clothes

I’m sure that by now most of you are thinking something along the lines “Yeah, yeah, I get it – I want to dress sexy. But how?!”

Fortunately for us, it’s really not that complicated, nor will we need to spend ridiculous amounts on expensive tailored suits and watches.

Maximizing our sex appeal boils down to two qualities:

  • Creating the most visually flattering proportions.
  • Conveying the right character qualities on first impression.

How To Create The Most Visually Flattering Proportions

The proportions that makes us look sexy are actually quite the same as ideal aesthetics discussed in Greg’s Adonis Belt article (make sure to check Kinobody Physique calculator to see what we should be aiming for).

In simplest terms, we should aim to appear lean, muscular with strong shoulders and chest. I’d like to stress the “appear” part. The truth is, most women will first see you with your clothes on and it won’t matter how ripped you are, if you’re rocking a loose hoodie with pockets around torso (unnecessary layer of fabric) it will visually add several inches to your waist.

In the same manner, you can be quite skinny (I am) but if you know how to manage colors, you can wear a brighter buttoned shirt, tight dark vest and you will create that sexy V-form without actually changing how much muscle you’re packing.

Anecdotally, I have a friend, who used to do fitness on a competitive level, despite that, in our circle of friends pretty much no one even suspected that he worked out, because he used to wear baggy, thick clothes all the time, which made his overall stature appear sloppy and rather unimpressive.

Don’t get me wrong, your actual physique is very important – think of it as a multiplier. The better your actual physique is, the more impressive and sexy you will look with the right clothes. And if you’re stick-figure skinny or on the obese side, it’s probably better to focus on your gym time instead of trying to camouflage your faults with clothes.

A guy with an average physique and sexy style can look good, but only when you combine sexy style with Greek God physique you will get that “Wow!!…” panties-dropping effect.

One important aspect that we need to consider that is not often discussed in fitness, with clothes we should aim to appear taller too.

Can we actually do that? Absolutely!

We recently did an experiment, where we surveyed women asking to estimate my height and attractiveness with two different outfits. The difference between crappy, baggy style and my normal, fitting style was 5 cm (~2 inch). In other words, if you want to appear taller forget magic pills and platform shoes, you can “grow” 2 inches by simply dressing properly.

How To Convey The Right Character Qualities On The First Impression

It takes moments, yes, just moment for people to make their first impression about us and that impression can be a very persistent one. In practice, this means that most women you meet have already put you in some category in her mind before you even get a chance to say a word. Scary, right?

Well, as someone who paid his dues in the gym, you probably shouldn’t worry too much. Your impressive physique already demonstrates a lot of attractive qualities.

But we also should understand that your clothes convey much more than just where you shop. With ease you can transform your look from a nice guy, who “should totally meet her parents” to a bad boy, who’s “probably slept with half the women in here.”

If you’re looking for something more serious, it might be a good idea to show a more conservative, safe, stable side. But if your goal is a casual hook up or some sort of short-term dating, you’d be way better off showing your edgy, sexual side.

To quote a study on the subject:

“In other words, despite expressed preferences, many women who participated in this and other such studies actually wanted nice guys only as friends or long-term boyfriends, but preferred “bad boys”-those more physically attractive and willing to manipulate women into sexual activity-as sexual partners.”

-G. C. Urbaniak and P. R. Kilmann, “Physical Attractiveness and the `Nice Guy Paradox’: Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?” Sex Roles: A journal of Research 49 (2003): pp. 413-426.

As we’re talking about peaking our sex appeal, I’ll assume that your goal is the latter. The question is – what qualities your image should then show?

  • Display your edgy, rebellious side.
  • Show that you’re a sexual man and comfortable with it.
  • You want to appear strong, dominant, even a little intimidating.
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd, show that you’re comfortable in the spotlight.
  • Show that you’re socially savvy and not a risk.

Can you really do this with clothes? Sure, and the rest of the article is meant to show you some easy to implement, practical tips that combined will convey exactly those qualities.

Practical Ways To Maximize Your Sex Appeal

But first, let me stress, that spot on fit is extremely important with all those strategies. If you’re struggling with identifying whether an items fits you properly, I have an article to help you out.

You Need To Create Visually Flattering Proportions

As mentioned previously, one of our goals with clothes is to visually create that sexy V-from effect for our upper body and keep our hips and legs looking proportionate.

We have several tools at our disposal for this: color coordination, layering, cuts.

Few basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Tighter cuts will emphasize and draw attention to your physique. Looser cuts will visually add an inch or two.
  • Darker colors will have a visual slimming effect. Brighter colors will make you appear bigger.
  • Add additional layers where you need to add volume (usually biceps, chest and shoulders). Avoid adding unnecessary layers, like big pockets, where you want to look lean (usually torso.)


You Need To Make Yourself Appear Taller

When it comes to perceived height, you have several cards up your sleeve:

  • Avoid high color contrast between upper and lower body. If you’re wearing a dark top, pick darker jeans too. If you’re over 6 ft. or so, feel free to ignore this part.
  • Avoid items that cover your legs (long coats, jackets, etc.)
  • Darker outfits in general have a lengthening visual effect.
  • Baggy clothes (especially jeans), are taking inches away from your height!
  • Low rise jeans will help your torso look longer and more proportionate.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of boots. It’s the best way to actually add some height without looking like you’re overcompensating (pick Chelsea boots for classier outfits.)

You Need To Show Some Skin

You know how a woman with sizeable, perky breasts in a tight, skimpy top can instantly put a smile on your face? Heck, I’m sure that just by putting this image in your head I just made you smile.

Guys can have that same effect on women too, so don’t be shy to open another button on your shirt or pick a tee with a deeper cut, especially if you worked on your pecks – we want our pretty ladies smiling, don’t we?

We’re all biologically programmed to respond to healthy looking skin and it also shows that you’re comfortable in a more sexual outfit.

You Need To Go Tight

You paid your dues in the gym and cut the junk food long enough to have results to show for it – damn you look impressive in front of the mirror. But why nobody seems to notice your effort when you hit the bars and clubs or just going around your day-to-day business?

You start wondering, maybe you should just pull your shirt up for everyone to see your rock-hard abs…

No! Don’t do that. Instead, you need to accept that baggy clothes are only wearable at home, while camping and doing garden work. Even standard cuts are not doing justice to your physique.

It’s time to go tight – and trust me on this, once you do this, you will never look back, the feedback you’ll start getting from women will be so overwhelming, that you’ll start wondering why the hell you ever thought that a baggy piece of clothing looked good.

You Need To Keep It Simple And Raw

One problem I see with a lot of my ripped clients is that they tend to overcomplicate their outfits. They read on some men’s style magazine that they should be wearing plenty of layers, in a variety of colors and fabrics, all of which “matches perfectly with their skin tone”, etc. and took it to heart without considering their own unique situation.

The thing is, general advice like that is mostly dedicated to guys, who are too lazy to hit the gym or like their beer a bit too much.

Being in great shape, you already have “The Goods” and anything in your outfit that distracts from your epic physique should be removed. Even accessorizing should be kept subtle.
Keep your outfits simple and to the point, drawing attention to the work of art that is your body.

simple clothing

You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Edgier Clothing

Safe, conservative styles have their place – mostly, in business lunches and family reunions, but when it comes to women and attraction you really want a slightly edgier look. Safe is boring and boring is not sexy. That said, it’s important not to go overboard with this – you don’t want to appear like talking to you is a social risk (forget “peacocking”.)

To find this perfect spot between edgy and socially savvy, start introducing edgier items one-by-one and adjust based on the feedback and the image you want to present.

Few tips how to make your look edgier:

  • Accessorize – add a necklace, bracelet, scarf, or a belt with a more interesting buckle.
  • Add rugged, washed, distressed items to your outfit.
  • Go for deeper cuts, open another button on your shirt.
  • Leather items are great for edgier looks.
  • Adding a bolder color or two is a great way to “spice up” a classier outfit.
  • A pair of cool looking shoes is probably the easiest way to transform your look from boring to sexy.

sexy boots

What’s The Best Way To Actually Dress?

I’m often asked – so what do I actually wear?

The answer, however, is a bit anticlimactic – whatever you really want, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • Your clothes fit perfectly.
  • Your clothes are not wrinkled, stained or sweaty.
  • Your image conveys the qualities you want people assume about you.
  • Your clothes display your physique in the most flattering way.

First two points are rather basic and hopefully by now you have a much better understanding how to assess and, if needed, correct your style based on the two latter points.

Other than that there are very little rules of what you should and should not be wearing. Some guys prefer dress shirts and blazers, others prefer deep V-neck tees and biker leather jackets, and anything in between.

As its winter outside right now, I would like to offer a small parting gift to those, who feel really lost when it comes to men’s style and could use some inspiration – Style Inspiration: I’m Too Hot To Get Cold! (Winter 2014)



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