Build a Body Like Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Kino Workout

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Ryan Reynolds has one of the best physiques in Hollywood. In fact, to this day people are still talking about his shredded abs from the movie Blade Trinity. Reynolds abs were so developed that he was actually accused of using prosthetic abs.

Ryan Reynolds’ height and weight

Ryan Reynolds stands at a tall 6’2. Although his poor and often hunched posture can make him seem slightly shorter. When Reynolds is in top shape for roles like Blade Trinity and Green Lantern he weighs around 190 lbs of pure muscle.

For 6’2 this is by no means heavy and most websites on the internet claim he is in the 200-210 lbs range. These same websites claim he was 3-4% bodyfat in Blade Trinity. This is absolutely absurd.

Most people seem to over-estimate body weight and underestimate body fat percentage. The reality is that when you are under 5 percent body fat your body is in a state of starvation mode. You can only maintain 4-5 percent body fat for a couple of days without health consequences.

What Was Ryan Reynolds’ ACTUAL Body Fat?

It is possible that Ryan Reynolds body-fat percentage read between 3-4 percent.

However, most body fat measuring devices can be off by 3-4 percent. Even the gold standard tests like underwater weighing, BodPod and DEXA can be off by 2 percent.

In reality, Ryan Reynolds body fat was most likely in the range of 5.5-7 percent body fat. This is very, very lean and about all you can aim for.

Did Reynolds Hit his Maximum Muscular Potential?

For natural athletes (steroid-free), the absolute most muscular you can be while maintaining 5-7 percent body fat equals height in cm – 100 = weight in kg

188 cm – 100 = 88 kg

88 kg = 193.6 lbs

Therefore, Ryan Reynolds maximum muscular potential while maintaining very low body fat is 193.6 lbs. Reynolds was only 3-4 lbs under his maximum muscular potential which is still very impressive. For Reynolds to reach his maximum muscular potential he would have to add more mass to his legs. To be honest I don’t think this is a good idea as bulky legs tend to look cheesy and can be a disaster for fitting into nice pants and jeans.

How much would you have to weigh to look like Ryan Reynolds?

Since Reynolds was slightly under his maximum muscular potential here is a formula to find the weight you need to be to look like Reynolds at your height.

Ryan Reynolds weight formula: height in cm – 102 = weight in kg (multiply by 2.2 to get pounds)

I adjusted the formula to subtract 102 instead of 100 to get a slightly lighter body weight.

5’8 = 156 lbs

5’10 = 167 lbs

6’0 = 178 lbs

6’2 = 190 lbs

Keep in mind you also need to be at 5.5-7% body-fat. This is extremely difficult to attain and requires a very strict diet and a rigorous workout routine.

Build a Body like Ryan Reynolds.

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Want to get a body like Ryan Reynolds? Then check out the Greek God Program, which has gotten hundreds of people like you into phenomenal shape.