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Justin Timberlake built up an incredible physique for his role in Friends With Benefits. In fact, I am willing to bet that come the movie’s release on Friday he is going to have one of the most talked-about physiques in Hollywood. It’s no wonder that people are dying to know the Justin Timberlake Workout.

Justin Timberlake added lean muscle to the right places

Well, Justin always had defined abs and toned arms but he really stepped it up to get ready for his shirtless scene in Friends With Benefits. Justin put on a respectable amount of muscle while maintaining a low body fat %. As I expected he only added about 8-10 lbs of muscle from his previous state. What made the 8-10 lbs look very impressive is what separates a good workout program from a typical workout program. Justin added the muscle to his upper chest, shoulders, back, and arms. As a result, he looks very masculine with broad shoulders, a slim waist, and proportionate arms and legs. This is the exact look that every guy interested in building muscle should shoot for. NOT the big butt, belly and rounded chest of the typical meathead. My good friend Rusty Moore has the top workout program geared toward training for the Hollywood Look.

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Justin Timberlake’s Cardio Training and Diet

Justin really had to kick things into high gear to get in great condition for his shirtless scene in Friends With Benefits. He already had built up a good amount of muscle leading up to the filming of the movie. Now it was time to get that body fat % down into the single digits to reveal crazy muscle tone and six-pack abs. In order to accomplish this Justin cut out junk food and beer while simultaneously performing more cardio. This is the ultimate way to shed fat fast. Cardio has been bashed a lot lately because many of the experts feel it is unnecessary. Their argument is – ‘why not just eat less and not perform the cardio’. Well, the problem with that is that you can only reduce your calories so much until you feel very deprived. In addition, cardio can be performed for several hours per day without overtraining and it’s not uncommon to burn 600+ calories per hour from moderate cardio workouts. Note – I only recommend 45 minutes to 2 hours of cardio per day for a short period of time to get in killer shape.

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Be warned

If you perform cardio you must watch your diet! Putting in the work in the gym and then stuffing your face in the kitchen is a surefire way to put all that work to waste and probably gain some fat. Although usually this just isn’t the case. I feel that cardio makes it much easier to eat clean. When your putting in the work to exercise and burn calories you really don’t want to put all that hard work to waste by eating empty high-calorie foods such as pizza, chips, fries, cookies and typical high carb processed junk. In addition, exercise is one of the greatest appetite suppressants. This is something that very few people pay attention to. If you go into a workout slightly hungry that hunger will dissipate during the workout and even after.

–> Rusty Moore, author of understands the importance of cardio for getting lean and he worked it into his workout program for those that want to get super cut.

Justin Pumped up his Workouts with Basketball and Snowboarding

Justin played regular intense games of basketball and other sports to get his physique leaner and more athletic. One of the advantages that intense games of basketball, hockey, football, and soccer have versus regular steady-state cardio is the pacing. During sports games, there are periods of all outbursts (driving to the net for a layup), periods of moderate-intensity (jogging back into your zone) and short periods of rest/recovery (after any timeout).

The periods of high-intensity exercise boost up your bodies fat-burning hormones shuttling fat cells into your bloodstream to be burned for energy. For the rest of the game, you going to be in an optimal fat-burning state. If you watch your diet and keep the carbs low your body will be an efficient fat-burning machine. This is the same process that happens when you follow my Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

What about abs?

justin timberlake shirtless abs

Many people fail to realize that the key to having great looking defined abs is having an ultra-low body fat percentage. Have you ever watched the show Survivor? Ever notice the survival six-packs that many of the contestants are sporting? Their abs entirely a result of having low body fat. Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Cam Gigandet all have very low body fat and that is why their abs look so spectacular. With that being said strengthening your abs is still very important. It’s like the cherry on top of the cake. So if you want magazine-worthy abs you need to build dense, deep and defined abdominals. The most effective way to build dense, deep and defined abs is to perform high tension intense gymnastics style abs workouts. Crunches and abs circuits on the mats do very little to tone your abs. Here are the most effective ways to train your abs:

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