What To Do When You Are Losing Strength

Losing strength

You may be asking yourself: “Why am I losing strength in the gym?” Let’s face it – every workout is not going to be a huge personal record. This is something I addressed in a previous article: 3 Strategies On How To Hit Strength Gains Every Workout. During your training career when you become more…

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Physique Meets Style: Adding The Icing To The Cake

Tyler Holmes

My names Tyler Holmes and for the last 6+ years, I’ve shared a profound interest in the world of fitness. For as long as I can remember, I’ve remained a large proponent of fitness and nutrition along with the various benefits – the two never fail to deliver. I’ve managed to reach phenomenal and personal…

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The Real Reason Why You Can’t Build Muscle

You may be asking yourself: “Why can’t I gain or build muscle no matter what?” If you’ve been having a hard time putting on muscle and strength, you’re going to want to read this post. Face it, most advice around gaining muscle is flat out wrong! It’s not focused on gaining muscle, but rather, gaining…

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How To Actually Build A Great Natural Physique

Building a great natural physique is very different than building a great physique while using performance enhancing drugs. In this post, we’re going to discuss a few different principles, principles that are ingrained in all the Kinobody Courses, that make building a great natural physique possible. What Will Your Weight Be As A Natural Lifter?…

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How To Build Great Strong Athletic Powerful Legs

How to build a lean, powerful and athletic lower body

If your goal is to build great looking legs (not bulky) that are super strong and powerful, then STOP training your legs like a bodybuilder! Bodybuilders strive to build massive legs that can only fit into sweat pants. Not only does this just look plain stupid but it is completely nonfunctional! Bodybuilders utilize high volume…

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