Physique Meets Style: Adding The Icing To The Cake

Tyler HolmesMy names Tyler Holmes and for the last 6+ years, I’ve shared a profound interest in the world of fitness.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve remained a large proponent of fitness and nutrition along with the various benefits – the two never fail to deliver.

I’ve managed to reach phenomenal and personal strength goals through key movements, transform my diet into a science tailored to everything my body needed from macros to micros, help a plethora of people reach their physique goals, and I even manage to stay just above six percent body fat year-round to prove I’m not some self-righteous guru who talks to hear himself talk.

However, a piece of the puzzle was missing, it felt like I was drifting through the twilight zone in search of something that needed to complete the qualities achieved above.

It’s taken me down a long and winding road to gather essentials to such extraordinary balance, but I want to give back the information I’ve gathered through trial and error that I so badly wanted when I didn’t have it.

I took the best of both worlds by combining my unrelenting passion for fitness and combining it with my upmost respect to staying fitted through adequate clothing, thus creating a very potent, and unique combination to the fitness game.

Tyler Holmes

Without a doubt, one of the largest factors in completing the look of the muscled man is the ability to incorporate a very balanced wardrobe with an endless variety of outfits.

You see it often, people achieving their goal
physique, gaining muscle in a balanced manner, doing everything on gods green earth to achieve extraordinary balance within the physique department (with success)…

Suddenly, the energy projected from this successfully devoted plan comes to a blazing halt. Is it a muscle plateau? Is it the fact you went longer than you intended with your fast? Did you forget to hit your macros?

No, it’s the sole fact that the undivided attention you strictly kept to your physique has now entirely left your wardrobe and the attentiveness to the attire in which fully presents your hard earned physique for virtually any occasion.

Instead of taking quality time to incorporate a few key ingredients for wardrobe success, you’ve now gone the relaxed route, and by relaxed, I do mean the generic straight leg relaxed jeans you’re rocking as you’re reading this.

Kinobody Ryan Gosling

Tank tops, sweat pants, relaxed fit jeans, and running shoes have now invaded the crevices of your closet. Is it any excuse to let yourself go? Absolutely not.

It’s almost as though once we perfect one route, we unconsciously neglect the other to a very large extent, and once the pendulum swings, it can leave things looking off kilter, unbalanced and simply not “right.”

If you think about it in simple terms, why take the energy, focus, and time out of your day to perfect the physique without any care in optimizing the clothing which will inevitably showcase all that hard work?

Some might call spending the extra bucks on your appearance narcissistic, careless, and maybe even materialistic. But I say to what extent is adding the final touches on an already fully passionate lifestyle materialistic?

It’s like adding peas and carrots and maybe even a little coconut oil to taste.

Voluntarily shopping to enhance the entire package doesn’t even necessarily mean going into Hugo boss for a tailored suit, blowing wads of cash on name brand items, or ultimately putting your wallet and bank account up for retire.

It just means strategically adding key items to provide outfit choices that’ll take you from alright to outstanding in a matter of minutes.

Best of all?

This can all be done with budget-friendly alternatives that offer no desire in harming you financially, but instead allow you to stay looking fresh, fitted, and styled no matter what.

Places like H&M, Zara, Express, Aldo, Nordstrom rack, tjmaxx, and Asos give the individual such an unprecedented amount of options that it would be hard not finding an outfit for that matter.

Through the years I’ve come across specific pieces of clothing that have remained staples. Items that don’t subscribe to trends and remain timeless classics for people like you and I to stumble upon.

People like the gym-goer who are tired of looking average and instead want to become extraordinary in their appearance.

This is the icing on the cake, gentlemen.

Tyler Holmes

Let’s look over those very exact pieces of clothing I incorporate and use to this very day:

  • Navy Blazer (express, H&M, Zara)

unnamed (4)

  • Fitted white, grey, navy dress shirt (H&M is solid for this)

Tyler Holmes

  • Dark blue denim jeans, chinos (grey, blue, beige, green) (old navy)

Tyler Holmes

  • Fitted crew neck shirts (white, blue, black, grey and various colors. (H&M)

Tyler Holmes

  • Double monk strap shoes in brown, oxford dress shoes in brown, Black derby, or simple laced black dress shoes, white sneakers, and chelsea boots will suffice. (Aldo is excellent on the wallet)

Tyler Holmes

I just provided you with top-notch clothing ingredients to make the perfect wardrobe recipe at a fraction of the cost.

Remember, these are just basics to getting the ball rolling. Once you gain familiarity, you can start experimenting and combining more unorthodox items to create your own personal and unique style.

My passion is truly reaching out to you and providing in-depth clarity and upscale advantages regarding:

1. Health/nutrition

2. Training methods

3. Lifestyle tips

4. And best of all to look damn while doing it.

Now, get out there and look the part, and always remember to “be better than the gap.

To you and your success,
Style with Strength