Secrets On How To Get 3D Shoulder Delts As A Natty: Rest Pause Cuban Presses

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In this post, I want to share one of my favorite techniques to building nice, big, rounded shoulders!

Now first things first – building great shoulders as a natural is a difficult mission. That said, I’ve been able to take my shoulders to “Superhero” status by utilizing a few tactics.

(My Superhero Bulking Program is the course that I created to take my physique status to the highest level.)

I was seeing really good results on my shoulders by getting really strong on overhead presses in a reverse pyramid fashion. But, I never really got the full, capped look, that I wanted…

What Do You Need In Order To Get Full, Capped Shoulders?

What I learned is that to really build big shoulders, you need a combination of heavy shoulder pressing and an ample amount of isolation work on the lateral and medial head of the deltoids.

The best way to build muscle through strength gain is Reverse Pyramid Training. This will allow you to milk out the most muscle growth and experience a very fast rate of strength gain.

That said, this style of training is not perfectly suited for shoulder isolation exercises. The reason being, lateral raises and bent over flyes don’t respond well to heavy weight and low reps.

This Is The Best Way To Do Light Weights

The most effective way to trigger muscle growth with light weights is with a strategy known as rest pause training. I discuss this in my Superhero Bulking Program.

*Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

What rest pause training does is it allows you to get more muscle fiber recruitment, than usual, with an otherwise light weight. This is very cool…

Now with my shoulders, I like to do heavy overhead pressing, and even incline presses will build the shoulders to a certain extent. And, twice per week on my two upper body workout days, I’ll do a shoulder isolation movement, rest pause style.

One of my favorite exercises for shoulders is the cuban press (as featured in the video above). It’s great at building the medial and rear head of the shoulder. I definitely challenge you to work this exercise into your program.

You can substitute it for conventional lateral raises or bent over flyes! It’s a brutal exercise and does at great job at building shoulder size!

Want To Finally Get The Shoulders You Want?

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Someone said I was looking small in the cover photo of my new program… Whoops, must of hit a bad angle. I'm absolutely tiny hahah Make no mistake, bodyweight training can build a downright amazing physique.. If done correctly! Want big shoulders? Work up to 12 full range handstand push ups, with a pause at the bottom.. If you can do that.. Your shoulders will be round as shit.. And you'll naturally be able to shoulder press some impressive weights… For example, I haven't done weighted chin ups in months.. Instead, I've been strictly doing the one arm chin up progressions in my program. Well funny enough, when I attempted 135 lbs on weighted hammer chins today, I smashed 4 reps with ease (and I haven't done this exercise in close to a year).. If you get stronger on the key bodyweight movements, your physique will improve to go along with the strength gains (muscle is a byproduct of strength) What's more, you'll be stronger in the gym as well.. You can learn more by picking up the new program at (Link in bio) Final note… One of my key learnings in the last couple years has been the importance of exercise rotation… If you're hitting the same exercises and protocols, for months on end, a stall is inevitable, as well as mental burnout. Dedicating time to bodyweight training, and building your physique that way, for a few months, can really help you make strides… Then, when you go back to lifting, you'll see an amazing rate of progress. This has been the case for me, and many others, I have worked closely with! #kinobody

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If you’ve built some solid strength and you’re looking at taking your physique to the highest level possible, I recommend taking a look at the Superhero Bulking Program.

It’s extremely powerful at accelerating muscle growth in one to two areas a time. That’s how I structured the program, you’ll work through four phases, each one two months long.

My favorite phase is the shoulder phase. Whenever I do the superhero bulking shoulder phase, I quickly get accused of taking steroids.

Nope! No way!

…I just know what it takes to build phenomenal delts. Get really strong on overhead pressing in a reverse pyramid fashion. And hit plenety of rest pause shoulder isolation.

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