Kinobody Intermittent Fasting Transformation by Ashley Bailey: Aggressive Fat Loss Program

Intermittent Fasting Transformation In this episode, I sit down with Ashley Bailey, who underwent an incredible intermittent fasting transformation while following my Aggressive Fat Loss Program. Ashley originally sent me an email, and I knew I had to get him on the podcast! Here’s what he sent me: “Hey Greg, what’s up. I found Kinobody…

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18% to 10% Body Fat in 12 Weeks – Aggressive Fat Loss Transformation

  AFL Transformation In this podcast, I chat with one of my followers who has undergone an amazing transformation. In only 12 weeks, Scott E. dropped 16+ lbs of fat, and went from 18% body fat down to 10% body fat – while gaining strength and size. Here are his Before and After stats: Weight ➡ 174…

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Carter Good – Aggressive Fat Loss Transformation from 13% to 8%

Aggressive Fat Loss Program Transformation Carter Good absolutely destroyed it on the Aggressive Fat Loss Program in just seven weeks! In this video/podcast we explore his entire journey to single digit body fat, including where it all began (300+ pounds). In seven weeks, Carter achieved the following: His weight went from 176.4 lbs to 164.8 bs…

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Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

  Why Is Losing Fat and Building Muscle So Hard? Often people talk about intermittent fasting for weight loss and muscle gain. They want to drop twenty pounds of fat and build twenty pounds of muscle, while staying at the same weight. It sounds great, but it’s often unrealistic. Why is it so hard then, to…

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How Malcolm Hit Single Digit Body Fat (Aggressive Fat Loss Transformation)

  How to Hit Single Digit Bodyfat In this podcast, I jump on the line with one of my followers, Malcolm Boyce! Malcolm achieved a stunning transformation in only 10 weeks following my Aggressive Fat Loss nutrition program (with warrior shredding program workouts). He dropped his waist from 34″ all the way down to a flawless…

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Warrior Shredding Transformation with Nicholas Pardon

  Warrior Shredding Transformation Story   In this episode, I sit down with Serial Entrepreneur Nicholas Pardon, a client and warrior shredder, who went through an unbelievable physique transformation while balancing a super busy life. What’s more, before starting the warrior shredding program, Nicholas was spinning his wheels following the prototypical fitness approach of 5-6 small…

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The First Ever 12 Week Kinobody Transformation Competition – Fat Loss Results

  First Place – Will ($1000 cash) Stats Country: Canada Age: 40 years old Height: 5’7 tall Starting Weight: 171.5 lbs –> 156.5 lbs Starting Waist: 34″ –> 30.5″ Biceps Measurement: 13.5″ –> 14″ Chest Measurement: 39.5″ –> 40.5″ Shoulder Measurement 44.5″ –> 45.5″ Program: Warrior Shredding Program My Comments  A lot of people think you…

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The First Ever 12 Week Kinobody Transformation Competition – Muscle Building Results

  First Place – Trent ($1000 cash)  Stats  Country: United States Age: 18 years old Height: 6’0 tall Starting Weight: 160 lbs –> 166 lbs Starting Waist: 30.5″ –> 31.5″ Biceps Measurement: 13″ –> 15.25″ Chest Measurement: 38.5″ –> 41.5″ Shoulder Measurement: 45″ –> 48.25″ Program: Greek God Muscle Building  My Comments  This is pretty damn fantastic!…

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