Kinobody Case Studies – Shea & Jacob

Kinobody Transformations I always love to share real world physique transformations! Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than when I can tangibly see the positive impact I have had on someone else. This is precisely why I do what I do, you know, fitness blogging… Being able to reach out to as many people…

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Kinobody Results

How to Build Strength while Getting Lean Part Two – Nutrition

In the last article I talked about five workout strategies to consistently gain strength throughout a fat loss phase. This is the protocol I use with myself and my clients to lean down to a low body fat with hard, dense and powerful muscle and a chiseled look. Now in this article I will be sharing…

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Client Updates – Kinobody Consultations

Kinobody Coaching and Consultations For many of you, it may be news to hear that I’ve been offering workout and nutrition consultations to a growing number of clients. I apologize if you just learned this now. As it turns out, I’ve been doing these for well over a year now and have had the pleasure…

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Achieving The Warrior Physique Part 1 – Diet

How to Achieve the Warrior Physique For a complete course on getting absolutely shredded, I recommend my warrior shredding program. This will allow you to effortlessly drop body fat while building strength in the gym and getting more chiseled than ever. This is the program I use when I want to cut down to very…

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Tony Do fitness model

Interview with Fitness Model Tony Do

Tony Do Interview Q1: How did you get started in fitness? How i got into fitness is a funny story actually, i’m sure many of the readers have a similar story. I started out when i was 16, and unless you have been living under a rock, i’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the…

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lean gains cut abs

Kinobody Transformations! I Hate It When I Lose My Cheese Grater And Have To Use My Abs

Kinobody Workout Transformations Screw building mass! Nothing trumps a well muscled physique with chiseled abs, pecs and an angular face.  In this post I am going to share with you two awesome kinobody transformations! In both cases these men lost considerable body fat revealing insane muscle tone. Abs became permanently visible and jaw lines became…

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greg o'gallagher trainer

An Amazing Kinobody Transformation – UK Bartender Gets Jacked!

Kinobody Transformation Checkout those 4 month before and after pictures that were sent to me from kinobody reader and enthusiast Ryan. Can you say WOW! That is one incredible transformation that Ryan underwent. I couldn’t be more proud. His shoulders, chest and arms are now well built and muscular. He has a ripped line down…

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