Kinobody Transformations! I Hate It When I Lose My Cheese Grater And Have To Use My Abs

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Kinobody Workout Transformations

Screw building mass! Nothing trumps a well muscled physique with chiseled abs, pecs and an angular face. 

In this post I am going to share with you two awesome kinobody transformations! In both cases these men lost considerable body fat revealing insane muscle tone. Abs became permanently visible and jaw lines became chiseled.

Kinobody Transformation #1 – Maurice

12 week transformation

Duration: 12-14 weeks

Workout Routine: Warrior Shredding Program

Diet: Warrior Shredding Program

Maurice took his average built physique and completely transformed it in a matter of 3 months! His physique is completely shredded and his face resembles that of a male model now. Maurice was using my regime from my kinobody shredding program.

He lowered his cals and carbs 4x per week to allow for steady fat loss and utilized strategic carb refeeds on his lifting days 3x per week. In addition he followed the intermittent fasting schedule to allow himself to eat bigger, more satisfying meals and thus make fat loss much more fun!

Maurice also incorporated 2 interval training workouts per week. As well he added in some low intensity walking on his rest days to assist with fat loss.

Kinobody Shredding Program: Kinobody Shredding Program

The Interval Workout: //

Kinobody Transformation #2 – Cedric

Duration: 8 weeks

Workout Routine: Hollywood Style Workout 

Diet: Warrior Shredding Program

Cedric took lean to a whole new level coaxing his body fat percentage down into single digit range using the shredding program principles. He is now as ripped as he could ever desire and is ready to slowly build more muscle and strength to further enhance his physique. Great work Cedric!

What you can take away from this?

1.) You can dramatically enhance your physique by cutting to a low body fat percentage in a short period of time (2-3 months). 

Most guys who lift already have a decent amount of muscle. Their problem isn’t that they need to build more muscle but rather it’s that they need to get rid of the fat covering up their muscle. By doing so you can completely transform your physique to the point where people can’t keep their eyes off you!

On the other hand gaining muscle is a very long and slow process. You can drop 10-15 lbs of fat in 2-3 months but in the same time frame you’d be lucky to gain 5 lbs of muscle.

2.) Diet is of Utmost Importance 

In both cases these guys were already lifting weights and doing some cardio! The reason they completely transformed their bodies is because they focused their attention where it counts -> their diets. They tracked their calories and macros (protein, fats, carbs) to ensure they were eating at a caloric deficit to lose fat while getting in enough protein to maintain muscle and maximize satiety.

They were also cycling their calories/carbs to boost leptin levels and enhance training performance as outlined in the kinobody shredding program. This becomes more important the leaner you get.


Final Comments

Don’t put shredded abs up on a pedestal! It will take time but you can get there and when you do hit your body fat goal not much will change. The more you obsess about being insanely lean and ripped the more challenging it will be. Every time I hit a very low body fat percentage I didn’t even realize it. Stick to a diet, hit the weights, track progress and have patience. Go on with your life and keep your shredded quest in the background. If you make a mistake or cheat a bit forget about it and carryon.

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(Talk about an unfair advantage…)