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For many of you, it may be news to hear that I’ve been offering workout and nutrition consultations to a growing number of clients. I apologize if you just learned this now. As it turns out, I’ve been doing these for well over a year now and have had the pleasure to work with many interesting and highly dedicated individuals. It has been very rewarding to coach these men to their goals, simplifying the journey in the process. You see in this day and age, there is an overwhelming amount of conflicting information available at our finger tips. Because of this, we are often left confused, lacking a clear path to our goals. For this reason, getting lean and building muscle becomes overwhelmingly convoluted. Which is absurd because once you have everything dialled in properly, building an incredible physique is actually very simple. Yes, it takes hard work and patience, but much less than you would think.

Diet and training should be set up to enhance your life, not detract from it. This means that you shouldn’t be killing yourself in the gym everyday and you shouldn’t be suffering through brutal diets that are making you miserable. Your diet should be simple and easy to follow, highly satisfying, while providing you with the appropriate amount of calories and macronutrients according to your goals (cut, recomp or lean bulk). It should be set up in a way that works well with your lifestyle, allowing you to eat out once in a while and have the occasional few drinks. All the while bringing you closer to your goal by the week!

As per training, well your workout routine should be geared, first and foremost, at building up your strength on key movements. If you’re setting personal records each workout, you are going to be building muscle. When you train this way, you’ll make your best progress training three times per week, with just a handful of exercises of only a few maximum effort sets. This is exactly how I’ve developed my physique and how my clients have transformed theirs while building incredible strength.

Why Online Consulting? 

I used to be a personal trainer. However, I have shifted entirely to working with clients online. Once you have developed the proper exercise technique, then a personal trainer becomes a rep counter and motivator, a very expensive one at that. And you are forever reliant on your trainer to keep you in shape. It is my goal to make you self sufficient, to teach you how to get lean, build muscle and develop a kinobody physique. After completing my 3 month plan, you will have the skills and experience to continue getting leaner, building strength and gaining muscle. Moreover, you’ll learn how to maintain your shape when you are ready.

Why work with a coach? 

Many of us put a ton of time, money and effort into our health and fitness, but for various reasons we see a lack of a return on our investment. Sometimes we need someone to show us the ropes, steer us clear of the inevitable mistakes that are ahead of us and to most importantly keep us accountable. When you have invested into a coaching program, you are in it with both feet! If you don’t follow through on the workouts and nutrition plan, you are not only letting yourself down, but you are making me very unhappy. Sometimes that’s the extra push you need to keep you on path.

Why work with me?

I know what it takes to get lean and shredded. I know how to set up a diet that will be practical, sustainable and damn right filling and satisfying. If fat loss is your goal this will make getting lean a breeze! Many of my clients initially complain about having to eat too much food, despite dropping fat. This very strategy is what also makes it very possible to gain muscle and strength as you get leaner. I also am open minded and understand that personal preference is a huge component of what is going to work the best for a particular client. Some clients will do better on more fat and less carbs and other clients, the opposite. Some clients may prefer longer fasts and two big meals per day, other clients will prefer shorter fasts and 3-4 meals per day.

I am a believer in flexible dieting, hitting your calories and macronutrients for the respective day, training or rest, is of macro importance. This allows you to eat your favorite junk food every now and again, so long that we include it into your calorie and macronutrient intake. Personally, I am deeply infatuated with chapman ice-cream bars and have them regularly. I just make sure to drop the carbs and fats slightly in one of my meals to make room for it. This is something that you will learn in my plan. If getting lean meant only eating “clean foods” and going to bed hungry every night, I would never be anywhere near 10% body fat. But lucky for us, this is not the case!

And of course, the training routine is systematically designed to build an aesthetic physique, with kinobody proportions. The routine will be tailored towards your current physique development, taking into account your strengths, weaknesses and what muscle groups require most priority. This allows you to create a much bigger visual difference than just adding muscle all over your body. Generally speaking, most men will require more attention on their upper pecs and shoulders and less work on their legs. That being said, this is not always the case and genetics and training history will be taken into account.

Recent Client Updates 

Paul P – 4 week cut 

Before – 138 lbs and 9% body fat

After – 136.8 lbs and 6% body fat

Paul dropped 3% body fat in 4 weeks – from 9% down to 6%. He only dropped 1.8 lbs on the scale but he dropped a full inch off the waist from 29.5″ to 28.5″. This suggests about 5 lbs of fat loss and 3.2 lbs of muscle gained. What’s amazing was that this was accomplished in only 4 weeks time. Paul has the Cam Giagandet, Never Back Down physique. Paul’s next goal is to fill out and add some muscle while maintaing low body fat. I’m going to be upping his macros and adjusting him into lean bulk mode so we can accomplish just that.

kinobody transformation

Phil S – 16 Week Cut 

Before – 173 lbs and 14% body fat

After – 169 lbs and 7% body fat

Phil initially had my kinobody shredding program and muscle building course. He was getting great results with the programs but thought he could benefit even more from hiring me as a coach. In 4 months, Phil dropped 12 lbs of fat and gained 7 lbs of muscle. This created the unbelievable recomposition effect as shown below. Phil is enjoying a nice two week vacation and reaping the rewards from his hard work. When he gets back he is going to be starting a lean bulk program with me to stay at 7-8% body fat while adding muscle and getting stronger.


Paul S – 8 Week Cut 

Before – 168 lbs and 16% body fat

After – 154 lbs and 8-9% body fat

Paul made some very impressive results in only two months. Not only did he slice his body fat from mid teens to single digits, but his lifts increased substantially. Paul is now focusing on gaining more muscle to build the greek god physique.


Julian W – 10 Week Cut 

Before – 190 lbs and 14% body fat

After – 175 lbs and 9% body fat

Julian cut down from 190 lbs to a very lean and wiry 175 lbs. What’s more, Julian actually gained strength on this cut. He is currently lean bulking up to the 180-185 lbs range as he feels too slim. I think he looks pretty awesome but with 5-10 extra pounds of muscle he will look incredible!

15% body fat to 8%

Kinobody Consultation 

I’m not going to be doing these consults forever, so if you want to get a consult, go here – consultations.